I’m not a fan of live cd’s

Pink Floyd – pulse, and Red Hot chili’s – Hyde Park are exceptions.

But This cd is AMAZING…….

 If you are a fan of Alter Bridge, then this CD is an absolute must !!

 For the bargain price of £8.99 (uk) you get the Live DVD, the Live CD , an hour documentary, and photo gallery……    ANY other band would charge x3 times as much for this easily.

 Ok I am biased ‘cos I love Alter Bridge, and Myles Kennedy’s voice as a singer, but if you like Rock , then this seriously is for you,  go to their web page and listen to the sample songs from the last album.

 If you get a chance also to hear Slash’s live recording from Vancover last year, ( oh , with Myles Kennedy as vocalist !! ) this also is an amazing live album !


I’ve been playing GnR greatest Hits this week, a lot,  ( Avenged Sevenfold, Arctic Monkeys and Alter Bridge all on the back burner for a while )

I have heard  ” Yesterday ” by GnR hundreds of times, but sometimes the lyrics really jump out at you…

  ” Yesterday, There was so many things I was never told

now that I’m startin to learn I feel I’m growing old.

’cause yesterdays got nothing for me

old pictures that i’ll always see

time just fades the pages

Prayers in my pocket, and no hand in destiny. …”

etc etc etc,

Just seemed very true this week…..


 So I was given some music last week…..

Faith No More,  brilliant ‘cos Ashes to Ashes is on there…..

Avenged Sevenfold,   ( where to start on that one )

30 secs to Mars, ( good but dark )

Alter Bridge – One day remains…..   ( WOW )

Faith No More, does what it says on the tin, You know where you are with it, safe

30 secs to Mars, – Beautiful lie –  I have only heard the first half, but From Yesterday is amazing.

Avenged Sevenfold. …. I had heard Dear God, Does that help, no. Well, the rest of the album is very good, once you get used to the rock opera it has many levels,  some funny, some dark, good.though needs a few listens !

Alter Bridge.   I can only say that I had never heard of them, But this album is a revelation, it is amazing !!! I’m finding the second album !!

Thanks to friends with music gifts.