Promised for a while now, needs doing so:-

5th July… – poking fun at a work collegue who has just had the snip… not that amazing, but cheered us up !

6th July…  D asked me again if she can come and see me in work…   ( she heard we had icecream again then !!!!!)

7th July…Reading D a story in the evening

8th July…   Harvesting the spuds that me and D have grown

9th July, … D pretending to be a vet, ” curing ” her sick toy pony !!!

10th July…Me and D washing my car, she tried hard, but in the end boredom got the best of her.

11th July, .. Playing football, with D

12th July… The hug D gave me and J, when she saw us hugging in the lounge…and she said ” awwww, look at mam, & dad ” which was funny.

13th July… going on holiday, …… and relax

28th July, … D falling alseep as a read to her

29th July…     D jumping out of the bath, shouting ” I’m not a chitter chatter monkey ! ”  No??


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