The other night I smelt something that transported me back in the day … back to when I was a kid, picking fruit in our back garden,

it was a really muggy evening, and I could smell raspberries.

I haven’t smelt that in years…

Top three things that remind me of being a kid,

1) The orange glow of street lights in the sky, over Sheffield.

2) When driving home Junction 29a on the M1 you can ALWAYS smell coal fires, ( though there is a coking plant  nearby ) ( just reminds me of visiting my grandad in Derbyshire)

3)  The smell of Raspberries.

Do you have any particular smell that reminds you of being a child ??

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Things are slowly getting better, ( it stopped raining ! ) but if you can help see the links at the bottom of Sallys post !!


If you thought it rained pretty bad inthe UK, you really need to read the follwing posted on one my favourite blog pages Sallaboutme. !!!   Go read, they need help, as the weather is really bad out there !