Off last Friday, in laws ill, and couldn’t look after D

Yesterday J, was ill and I had to look after D again,

lucky escape though as the snow was really bad,  over a foot of it.

Bad for Britain….   easy peasy for the rest of the world probably, but as usual Britain can … not… cope.

 Not so Great Britain!!!

 Finish on Thursday now, and can’t wait, hopefully we can get to a supermarket though, as trying to buy a loaf of bread yesterday, was like waiting for a UN food convoy .  all sold out !


Drinking Guinness , helps you to think that you can play 10 pin.

in reality Genius, in pint form, does not transpond  to genius in the lanes !

We went out for our ( retired pub team / come thursday night social gathering annual christmas party ) . on saturday, Frankie & Benny’s is what is is. a decent restrauant, and then we went bowling.

After the meal I remember thinking , Guinness bottles with a draught widget….   novel,

I think that was when the genius part ran out !

And so on to bowling,

 Does anyone else have the problem of not getting a bowling bowl to fit your fingers? or have I just got that one as an excuse!..

 The results were interesting , hahaha

 A strike in baseball , and a strike in bowling are totally different things,

well busy again,

 So much is happening

Sheffield Wednesday got bought out at the last minute

loads of work

more work

D’s has 2 xmas plays coming up !

Christmas tree went up on the 1st December,

We had snow….  we still have snow…   it is about -5 today again !!!!  blooming freezing !!


what a week !

just so busy at work,

more next week though ….

counting down to the weekend

Home again last weekend,

I actually learned a few things.

1) Sometimes it is better to not moan, other situations can be worse than yours.

2) how to put up plaster board on a ceiling.

3) I saw the future, and all that glitters is not gold!

 These blogs are to follow…

Have you seen this programme, on the telly? The everyday lives of certain people in Notting Hill London.

Me & J hated it at first, we just couldn’t get into the idea of watching peoples everyday lives ( bar the fact they are sometimes VERY aware that people watch them on the TV )

but after a few shows it is getting interesting you have to learn a little about the characters, and then you kind of get it. the only problem is the people are influenced by viewers comments on Twitter etc, so what happens in the show, is affected , sometimes directly by the public,

But what a good idea, to get the community connecting again, perhaps better than David Cameron’s Big Community idea!!!

 We watch with interest !

I like Alter Bridge, a lot.

Their first and second album, are amazing once you get into them, Myles Kennedy has a really unique voice in rock, which is why Alter Bridge are alot better than Creed ( in my view)

 It took me awhile to get into Blackbird, infact I put it away for 6 months, then pulled it out accidentally, played it, and was blown away, sometimes you need to not listen to things , to appreciate them more. ( if that makes sense.)

 ABiii is good at the first listen, the hooks jump out at you, I reckon though if I put it away for a couple of months, I will like it evan more, songs like Wonderful Life are outstanding, and Isolation is a close 2nd.

 If you are looking for some more melodoc metal/rock, then Alter Bridge could be for you.

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