I went home last weekend, which was … Fantastic.

 I didn’t get to go at Christmas, so this kinda made up for it.

 Firstly I got to see the family, which as I get older I appreciate more and more, I think when you are younger you kind of take them for granted, nothing in life should be taken for granted, So I spent some time with them, and my Gran. Helped my sister finish pull down a ceiling, and clear up then start clearing the green house of last years rubbish, ready for this years harvest.

 Managed to get to see Sheffield Wednesday, though paying £24 for about 24 minutes of decent football is not value for money. How a team can totally underperform one half, yet show sparks of brilliance in the second half is totally beyond me, but that is the life of a suffering football fan, The future is bright, the future is blue and white.

 Thanks to my sister and boyfriend, I discovered Bradfield Brewery, and their fantastic ales , ( I think I know where I’m visiting on my next trip home ! )

It was all in all a very good weekend, I need a few lung fulls of Yorkshire air again to rejuvinate me, It’s still my home.


Congrats ! Petrol has reached an all time high !

Locally £1.19, but some stations are showing £1.24.9

Thats per litre folks, not PER Gallon like in the states .

This has now reached scandulous hights, and surely can not continue.

But it will with further fuel duty rises promised, and also the VAT increase in January

An easy way for the Government to screw over the motorist !

 Welcome to the Conservative ” just jump on a bus ” to get to work ethic…. Well , er no actually . I travel 2 1/2 hours. ( on a clear day ) in commuter miles 72 a day, and that would increase by over an hour a day on the bus !!

It now costs me £55 – £60 a week in petrol. when this is harnest to the fact ( like a lot of people in Britain ) we have had no inflation , or pay rises for the last 3 yrs, it is getting to to the point that I bearly break even every month,

 Don’t get me wrong , I’m thankful for a job, and yes I chose to work the distance away I do ( because I live in one of Europes most deprived areas, and there are few jobs ) The British way is to just ” get on with it ” , but there comes a point when you have to say no, and stand up ! This wouldn’t happen in France now would it ??

It is an easy way for the Treasury to earn money with a tax rate of over 70% on petrol..

 And now when the Ombudsman investigating gas&electric companies for unfair price increases maybe it was time Petrol & diesel was investigated . Re-newable powersources are being banged on about all the time, but when will the investment start to pay out to the customer ….   I believe it will not… ever, We should propose sites for wind turbines, and stop people from objecting to planning permission, yes ok if a wind farm is planned in your back garden , then that is bad, but saying that they are an eye-sore is not a valid reason in todays world.

As the great Myles Kennedy said in the Alter Bridge Live in Amsterdam concert ….  ” If you want to make a change in this F**ked up world, put your hands in the air ” !!

 Please I urge you to use

and yes, today I’m listening to Alter Bridge!

In Wales, birthdays etc are celebrated with roundabouts, or road bridges etc having sheets tied to them, with messages..

 So this morning the first bridge on the A470 down to Pontypridd, had a banner which simply said.

 ” I miss you

   I need You ”

  Ok odd meesage, but maybe a unique way of getting attention….

 The next bridge, sign,  though nearly made me piss myself..

 It said  ” Please, lets bridge the gap between us ”

Ha, ha, ha

  Currently listening to, The Best of the Smiths,

 and Best of REM.


  I was recently thinking, yes it does happen sometimes, for our honeymoon, Jayne and I actually travelled the world, this I did not really think of at the time, it was a case of a snap decision in the travel agents. We wanted to go to Sydney in Australia, but then we thought we would spend a week, somewhere else, and it was going to be New Zealand, but I did n’t fancy it, cos the weather is simular to the uk…..     Anyway, someone mentioned Fiji, and that was that, then cos we were in Fiji, the travel agent, said…   well the thing is you have to keep travelling “around” the world, you just do not travel back, from Fiji, to Oz, then Singapore and home!!!!  So we ended up going to LA for  2 days,

The point of this blog, which i feel is vanishing into the mist quickly is….   I think from this time point, Did we actually lose a day off of our lives ??, if we travelled the opposite way around, would way re-gain the day ??


 We left Fiji at 10 pm, saturday, and landed in LA at about midday, saturday,  so did we only lose 1/2 a day ??

Now can you understand the confusion, that is my thinking processes of my brain !  hahaha