The Happiness Initiative

This is under construction,

It is something that I have let go a little in recent times, but is somthing I need to keep revisting,

so I started to compile lists of memories that were / are important to me, and hopefully D will like reading when she is a little older ,

 The easy ones are done,

it is how to access the stuff, i haven’t thought about recently, that will be hard…..

need to get the little grey cells working….


So Pt 2. The Present.

 This is how we react to situations, which will affect the future.

The problem that I have , or the reason for the Happiness Initiative is really mainly this bit, I over analyize things too much, I let myself get too carried away, I enjoy my own company too much, I do not enjoy…  I do not appreciate ….the present enough, The reason for  this blog site, was really to have ideas, discuss topics regarding being a parent, this has now been opened up somewhat, But it is all linked…

Darcy , my daughter, has changed my wife and I’s, life in more ways than anyone can imagine, in some ways it has been quite easy, in some ways incredibly hard, but it is a journey. The thing is that she will soon be 2 , 2 years old !!! she is flying up, and I need to spend more quality time with her, i can’t afford to miss things. I know this is affected by my job, and driving, but i have to put things like being tired out of my mind and try to spend more quality time with her, not just time with her, but quality time.

 Also enjoying the time that I have, not worrying about things that I can’t influence, or do not really mean much, this is the key. How I react to things is important too.

It’s all about time,

the time we still have, the time that has gone, the time now,

the time with family and friends

the good times, the bad times

time with my daughter

time wasted by stressing over things that hold very little meaning in the big scheme of things.

I was thinking of this earlier,

in terms of the past…    However much you want to change something, you can’t, remember the good times, this something i have been trying to do all weekend, here are few,

1) I used to love the journey to and fro, my grandads house,

2) I used to love travelling in the car at xmas, trying to count the christmas trees.

3) I love the orange sky of a city at night. it reminds me of home,

4) I remember my Uncle  Harry painting in his conservatory.

5) I need to get the wedding and honeymoon photos out…  very soon !

The problem is that I do not appreciate the good times enough , i need to

So this is the new path I am taking.

Today …  Little things count, pay more attention to them Gareth

1) The funny way that my daughter will rub my hair, for no reason shouting “Spikeeeeeeeeeey ” ” Daddeeee  got spiky hair “

2) The Kings Of Leon, truly are an amazing band

3) The fact that my daughter loves to dance, and for no other reason, than she just wants to!!, and has no hang ups, about what she looks like !

4) The way that some mornings as I leave to go to work, the world just seems to be holding it’s breathe, …    just for that snapshot, so peaceful !

5) Why do I love double helpings of golden syrup quaker oats for breakfast, and why are they so addictive?

Today I aim, to break the big picture, into little bits , this waynot only can you take more in, but also it doesn’t seem that bad…

And it is the weekend…  well almost.