D often crawls into our bed at about 3am, falls asleep and takes over the bed.

 Well 2 nights ago she was already there asleep at midnight ! when we went to bed.

J, and I were talking about the games D was playing that day, especially the one where D pretends to be a sheep, who gets cold after being sheared, and goes and steals the wool back off of the farmer, and sticks it back on with tape….  ( yes my daughter has a strong imagination ! )

Half way through us talking about this …  D rolls over to J, and says and says ” I was …….  er sheep……    er   stick ….   wool on…… tape ”  then rolls over to me and continues to sleep !!  the kinda thing you say when you are drunk…..   well..  maybe that’s just me ?

  I tell you, D never misses a thing…. 

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End of another era…..

Gone are the side bars on D’s cot !!

They came down at the weekend, she asked for them to go, so we thought we would try it. though when she saw the bed for the fisrst time without the sides, she panicked, ” What’s going to stop me falling out ? ”  ” I …I…  I   will put a Ted ( teddy Bear ) at each side of me , to stop me from falling out !! ” and that is what she did,

Though she has fallen out once,….   onto pillows, and a couple of times she has been right on the edge…! but so far so good !!

 another milestone..

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This morning, ( as usual ) Darcy woke up about 2am and came into bed with us, but today she wanted to talk….   

  Whether she was asleep, ( I was trying to be ) I am not sure, but she was in her “I want to show off my vocab” moods, so proceeded to go through every word she knew, from “Mam. Mam…. din dins”  “Taters”  ( potatoes ) Carrots, Peas, Fireman Sam, Bob The Builder,  and so on …   and so on..

Goodness knows how long this went on for, I finally fell asleep dreaming of vegatables, and kids cartoons, how much sleep Jayne got I am not sure !!

( Hoping to get the heating fixed today ! )