Sheffield Wednesday

The times they are a changing …..   said someone, once.

 Well they are at Sheffield Wednesday !

 Saved from the brink by Milan Mandaric, and I mean the brink, their future is starting to look rosy.

 Although the team, can’t put 90 minutes of football together, at least now there is investment into the squad, something that has been lacking for years !!

 Goodbye to Darren Purse, you wore your heart on your sleeve, but I think the time was right to move. all the best for the future, maybe we’ll be playing against you next season in the Championship !

 If only we could sign a good midfielder, someone to hold and then distribute the ball, we would be a force to be reckoned with. No more long ball game please.

The future is bright, the future is blue and white!!


I went home last weekend, which was … Fantastic.

 I didn’t get to go at Christmas, so this kinda made up for it.

 Firstly I got to see the family, which as I get older I appreciate more and more, I think when you are younger you kind of take them for granted, nothing in life should be taken for granted, So I spent some time with them, and my Gran. Helped my sister finish pull down a ceiling, and clear up then start clearing the green house of last years rubbish, ready for this years harvest.

 Managed to get to see Sheffield Wednesday, though paying £24 for about 24 minutes of decent football is not value for money. How a team can totally underperform one half, yet show sparks of brilliance in the second half is totally beyond me, but that is the life of a suffering football fan, The future is bright, the future is blue and white.

 Thanks to my sister and boyfriend, I discovered Bradfield Brewery, and their fantastic ales , ( I think I know where I’m visiting on my next trip home ! )

It was all in all a very good weekend, I need a few lung fulls of Yorkshire air again to rejuvinate me, It’s still my home.

Oh My,

Last week has been hectic with work, and trying to get broadband finally into our home, ( we must be the last people in the world to still have dial up !!! )Hopefully this will be sorted next week.

So Christmas was a good break , though I had a flu like virus for a week, so it was ovan chips on Christmas Day for me !! Couldn’t get home to Sheffield due to illness, and also the snow !

 D had a great time at Xmas, and aslo the snow, stared in her chapel xmas play, but had to have her MMR booster jabs yesterday , which went surprisingly well.

 We are debating to give D the swine flu jab, as though it is kicking off again, there seem to be many problems with the vaccine, and its lack of test history, it is one to ponder….   and D has her final heart check at the end of the month, where she either gets discharged, or will have to have the procedure again !! just to add to the stress levels !

 This weekend, I will (hopefully) get home for the weekend to see the family, help my sister in her renovated – ing house, and also get to see Sheffield Wednesday play Charlton.

 busy, busy.

I went to see Sheffield Wednesday vs Bournemouth last saturday,

I had heard that form was not great,though they lie 4th in the table.

I can honestly say that the first half was possibly the worst half of football I have ever seen.

the team worked not as a team, in fact they couldn’t even pass to one another!!!! the funniest fan I heard was when D.Purse ran up field, for a free kick, and someone shouted “Purse’s gonna get yer !!!”   he didn’t though…..

 Only with the much underused Gary Teale, and Neil Mellor did SWFC finally gel and start working as a unit! , a draw was lucky in this respect.

  The cause. Probably the fans, I mean this in a good way. because the fan base are amazing, though the team took an incredable amount of abuse at half time, – and rightly so. The fans sang practically for 45 minutes in the second half. The truth is the team get over whelmed by the crowds expectation , and when they turn on them, they fall apart.

The future is bright , the future is blue & white

 I am ashamed,

I have followed my beloved club since 1979.

through thick and thin, ( mostly thin )

 Cup finals, European tournaments, relegations, and now now financial disaster..

 Nick Hornby, said in fever pitch, “when you chose your club, you chose for life” How true, Wednesday are are in my blood, and will be till I die, but the recent troubles are enough to test anyone,  how can a football club sink so much because of their finances. !

 If Wednesday go to the wall, I wouldn’t / couldn’t follow another team, it would impossible…..I am shocked to the core, that we fans find ourselves in our current situation, because lets face it, the FANS are the ones to suffer, always the fans, 18,000 of which turned up for a league 1 game, when their closest rivals could only muster 14,000 crowd, and that is a good crowd for them ….. we poll a higher crowd than most teams in the championship !

I understand the protests, sometimes Owls fans maybe do not protest enough . but for once more than ever the fans must get behind the team, attendances must stay up, in order to keep the revenue coming in , 

 The fans must be the 12 man, ! I know the team are not playing well, for whatever reasons, but as fans it is our job to back the team,  if we don’t there won’t be a team. end of.

 Back the team, because tomorrow maybe too late.

 The future is bright ( possibly ) the furture is blue & white.

2 reasons for the 400miles in 2 days..

1) My Gran is in hospital with a bad leg break

2) Sheffield Wednesday kicked off their league one status at home to Daggenham & redbridge

….  well the 2nd point here I will discuss…

 2 nil up after 15 minutes, and with the flood gates bulging, a roursing chorus of “We are Wednesday , We are Wednesday , Irvine is our king  ” and you would have thought  we were back 5 yrs and challenging for promotion already !

 I was sat next to an old couple, who without being rude, looked LeClerk from ‘Allo ‘Allo, and him and his good lady wife started to undo their flask of tea, after 20minutes, ( I was praying that Wednesday didn’t score again, soon , for fear of flying tea !!! ) , no fear there then….

The first 20 minutes were good, and the Owls shows some good touches, especially from Gary Teale, and Clinton Morrison was always a threat, but after that wednesday didn’t look as if knew really what the game plan was…. the long ball to maybe the shortest man on the pitch ( Tudgay ) didn’t work.

 If Gary Teale can play the midfield general role, then wednesday could maybe hold the ball and spread it down the wings, (especially when JJ is fit again ) this could prove interesting, though Daniel Jones looked lively when he came on for Teale in the second half ,

Another big plus, was that Darren Purse was a rock in defence, and played a captains role !

 The problem, and what dissapointed the fans was that the team has not gelled yet, 8 new signings can’t be expected to be a “team” instantly, but in this league, they will have to gell fast , as it is a long season, and there are a lot better opposition than Daggenham offered up on Saturday !

In Irvine we Hope.

The Future is bright, the future is blue & white

Just found this link on one of me favourite blogs,  Postcard cafe.

I have a print of Mckee’s  ( football, if you educate the apple of your eye…….. )

 I hadn’t seen his 22 views of sheffield, but they are pure class, and well worth a look. especially if you from sheffield, and know the places !!

My faves, have to be ” 2p bus ride into town ”

  and of course, ” hole in the road fish tank ”  

whatever happened to those fish ???? !!

currently listening to Incubus – Make Yourself

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