richard hawley

Just found this link on one of me favourite blogs,  Postcard cafe.

I have a print of Mckee’s  ( football, if you educate the apple of your eye…….. )

 I hadn’t seen his 22 views of sheffield, but they are pure class, and well worth a look. especially if you from sheffield, and know the places !!

My faves, have to be ” 2p bus ride into town ”

  and of course, ” hole in the road fish tank ”  

whatever happened to those fish ???? !!

currently listening to Incubus – Make Yourself


False Lights From The Land

This is a class piece of music,

 In a world where genius is an over used term, Richard Hawley deserves the title, because his song writing just gets better and better…..

  There is nothing else, musically that reminds me of my roots, and Sheffield, than Richard Hawley, I have been lucky enough to see him live, twice, and he blows other performers away, he has to be one of the under-stated musicians of our time.

 If you get the chance, listen to his stuff, or see him live !