question time

Still trying to make sense of the budget, and how hard it will affect us…

I really do not know, the VAT will hurt no doubt,  the lack of tax credits will hurt ( thanks for hiding the true limit in the small print !! Mr. Chancellor )

I am sick of the way the main Political parties ARE STILL sniping and blaming each other for the economic mess that Britain finds itself in today..

 PLEASE ACCEPT IT, MOVE ON , and do something practical about getting us out of the mess, rather than blame each other and stick yer heads in the sand !!  ( and that includes the media, to stop scaremongering, saying that a million public sector jobs will go, including 35,000 police !!! ) if this was the case the unions would be out on strike by now, and we’d be at the voting polls again next week, The Summer of Discontent.  I do not doubt that some jobs will be lost. but I can’t see it on the the scale the media are taliking about .

 I hope not.


 I think the flu, is really man flu.


Listening to 30 seconds to mars, one of the best bands around at the moment…  – This Is War.


In Wales, birthdays etc are celebrated with roundabouts, or road bridges etc having sheets tied to them, with messages..

 So this morning the first bridge on the A470 down to Pontypridd, had a banner which simply said.

 ” I miss you

   I need You ”

  Ok odd meesage, but maybe a unique way of getting attention….

 The next bridge, sign,  though nearly made me piss myself..

 It said  ” Please, lets bridge the gap between us ”

Ha, ha, ha

  Currently listening to, The Best of the Smiths,

 and Best of REM.

So the 3rd and finale live election debate was on last nite…

What did you reckon…

 Wweellllll, to me the Liberals again performed well, against and huff-and-puff of labour, ( although Brown does seem genuinely passionate about his politics ) and the too slick tories.

 The true feelings of the British electorate though were summed up by a woman in the audience, of Question Time, the follow on show. Who in no uncertain terms told the panel that the British electorate was sick of being fobbed off with non answers to questions, and to declare exactly  how many cuts , and where the cuts in public spending would be made ! as she said ” you work for us, we pay you ! ” but sadly Dimbleby smoothed over the comment, and on to the next question. That was the money question that had to answered.

 We all know that cuts are coming, probably very heavy cuts in spending, but be honest, about it, and tell us !! we are not uninformed children, be honest with us, you may be surprised by the reaction !