new start

2 reasons for the 400miles in 2 days..

1) My Gran is in hospital with a bad leg break

2) Sheffield Wednesday kicked off their league one status at home to Daggenham & redbridge

….  well the 2nd point here I will discuss…

 2 nil up after 15 minutes, and with the flood gates bulging, a roursing chorus of “We are Wednesday , We are Wednesday , Irvine is our king  ” and you would have thought  we were back 5 yrs and challenging for promotion already !

 I was sat next to an old couple, who without being rude, looked LeClerk from ‘Allo ‘Allo, and him and his good lady wife started to undo their flask of tea, after 20minutes, ( I was praying that Wednesday didn’t score again, soon , for fear of flying tea !!! ) , no fear there then….

The first 20 minutes were good, and the Owls shows some good touches, especially from Gary Teale, and Clinton Morrison was always a threat, but after that wednesday didn’t look as if knew really what the game plan was…. the long ball to maybe the shortest man on the pitch ( Tudgay ) didn’t work.

 If Gary Teale can play the midfield general role, then wednesday could maybe hold the ball and spread it down the wings, (especially when JJ is fit again ) this could prove interesting, though Daniel Jones looked lively when he came on for Teale in the second half ,

Another big plus, was that Darren Purse was a rock in defence, and played a captains role !

 The problem, and what dissapointed the fans was that the team has not gelled yet, 8 new signings can’t be expected to be a “team” instantly, but in this league, they will have to gell fast , as it is a long season, and there are a lot better opposition than Daggenham offered up on Saturday !

In Irvine we Hope.

The Future is bright, the future is blue & white


Anyone remember Mike on Northern Exposure, The guy who lived in a bio-sphere home to keep him away from allegies, ??  (e.g…. the fact that there may have been some petro-chemicals floating on a disused arctic camp, floating on an ice berg, 240 km off the coast of alaska……. ) ( strangley went on to play a doctor in ER Hmm…   strange that )

ANYWAY, …  after this week I couldbe him…

I (finally) got the skin allergy test on tuesday that I had  been waiting for, for like 8 months …

The results….    well

1) I (may ) have a ( Potential ) allegy to the following

  Cats / dogs / trees / grass / dust ……

All air borne……….     And I am supposed to avoid these ???

2) Food chemical can not be tested due to there being too many , BUT Monosodium Glutomate, can make you feel very ill,

3) Work this week has been stressful, 2 redundancies, ( ever started to quickly look over your shoulder, repeatedly ???  )

Conclusion, cut down on the Glutamate , and stress…..     and live in bubble to avoid trees, and dust etc,

That is the question !

Count down to Chrimbo…

Work is still mad as ever,

as I write from work, you will not hear (read) off of me for 10 days, so all the best Have a good christmas, see yous in the new year !

I have lasted about 3 months on about 1 slice of bread a week.

Obviously I have eaten more than that a week ! But the bread thing is the main reason that I have lost weight, ( as well as upping my daily calcium intake )

But yesterday in my ploy to get Darcy off of potato’s and on to various foods, we tried the beans on toast, daddy eats what darcy eats experiment !!  and to a certain extent it worked !!  but I ended up eating more bread than I would have liked !!

diet starts again, 5 lbs to lose before xmas hopefully !!  haha

Sickness gone…   hopefully

phone sorted, inland revenue sorted,vistors, car to be sorted on friday,

it has been a busy time


 This weekend may have been not the best, for fore – mentioned reasons.

But I had several revelations which astounded me .

1) My daughter of 17 months has a crush on a cartoon character !

2) cheese has approx, 125kcal per 30g !!  ( depending on the make, and type )

3) my memory for forgetting to not have gravy on my sunday lunch !!

  1)    Yes my daughter has a crush on Tom off of Fireman Sam. !!  HOW!!!

  2)    I was trying to be healthy, but we had a bit of double gloucster cheese left, so i ate it, only to see on the pack that, the calories were staggering, ( I am vegetarian, I need cheese, )  But the 125kcal per 30g shocked me ! Mental note, stick to extra light spreadable cheese.

  3) A theory going around is that Sinus headache is caused by an allegy….   i know someone who has migraines, from eating products withhigh levels of monosodium glutamate,  This is in gravy, which i have on a sunday, mainly, and surprisingly I do get headaches on a sunday , Coincidence Eh ???

Due to the headache, i had to stay in , but a plus point was that I got to see Lost In Translation, everytime I watch it, I learn something new !!


  Time for a change….   Time for a new start….  Time to try and start a new blog experience


  ” It’s a dangerous thing, stepping out of your front door ”  That’s what Bilbo Baggins said wasn’t it ??  Well I did it, WordPress seems a better platform for my blogs, we shall see ! 


Tune in for more.   Soon.