So is this to be the final album by Mike Skinner ?

We will see. I had this in the car today, ‘cos the only way to listen to a cd is the car , right? and The Streets cd’s do go well in the car !

 Computers & Blues, at first listen is a pretty tough one, If you are expecting the almost anthemic songs of Everything Is Borrowed, then you will have to wait till at least track 9, though they do not disappoint. I have always liked The Streets, Mike Skinner doesn’t represent my life in many ways, but I can still empathize with the songs. About 2 yrs ago at the Electric Proms, from the roundhouse in London, where he had flu, and still performed, the show was unbelievable, one gig I wish I’d been there!!

 There have been many imatations on The Streets, but none have come close in my eyes, on this unique social commentary, which is always fresh and relevant in todays society. Original Pirate Material could be released today, and still have the same impact.

 So if you fancy listening to something totally out of your comfort zone, ( for me anyway ) this is worth a listen, because the songs actually mean something, compared to all this pap, and manufactured rubbish that claims to be music today.

 If this is the last Streets cd, or whether Mike Skinner finds another outlet for his socail commentary, I will look forward to it .

currently listening to The Streets – Computers & Blues.


So the weekend turned out to be quite better than expected.bonding time for me and D.

Me and D, went to the park after and fed the ducks, and did the swings, though D was quite dismayed by the fact that the roundabout had been removed !!

The we drove over to ASDA ( other supermarkets are available ) and got some flowers for tomorrow, and food, we then came back and planted the sun flower seeds,

Today was filled mainly by guitar hero and trying to sort out our attic, which uncovered quite a few memories, and also quite a bit of junk, which needed binning, so we can put more junk in the attic. !!  it’s kinda like a big filing system up there !

currently listening to Ashes to Ashes theme album.


 I’m not a fan of live cd’s

Pink Floyd – pulse, and Red Hot chili’s – Hyde Park are exceptions.

But This cd is AMAZING…….

 If you are a fan of Alter Bridge, then this CD is an absolute must !!

 For the bargain price of £8.99 (uk) you get the Live DVD, the Live CD , an hour documentary, and photo gallery……    ANY other band would charge x3 times as much for this easily.

 Ok I am biased ‘cos I love Alter Bridge, and Myles Kennedy’s voice as a singer, but if you like Rock , then this seriously is for you,  go to their web page and listen to the sample songs from the last album.

 If you get a chance also to hear Slash’s live recording from Vancover last year, ( oh , with Myles Kennedy as vocalist !! ) this also is an amazing live album !

Heres a strange one…

Why did I like Linkin Park,,

 Well maybe the rawness of Hybrid Theory, a bit of anger, Its music therapy…

so when I was given Thousand suns, I was , excited,

Well…. after hearing it  I can’t say very much about it really…

 It is a total break from what they have done before…   I heard the whole cd, there’s something that hooks you in, but it is abit like  you’ve been hypnotised. If you are looking for a bit of metal, forget it, there’s moments of a bad Bon Jovi ballad, and euro pop in there. I do not know if this is supposed to be a concept album, ? I just feel a bit deflated really.

I just can’t say anything really about it – maybe I need a few listens

I heard one song on Scuzz.TV, and read a bunch of reviews of this band,

Then decided to get , The ’59 Sound cd by them,

and…  they are amazing.

Imagine Bruce Springsteen, 20 years ago,and The Strokes, combined, stripped back a little, and sped up slightly….   I know an odd description.

But this band are a real revelation, how they aren’t more well known I do not know,

If you fancy something new, try The Gaslight Anthem.

D has not always found it easy at pre-school, she still has her moments

(  but then again thats what you get for sending a 3 yr old to school !)

but she is benefitting from it,

but that’s what life is all about right? colouring within the lines

Yesterday she did some colouring, and in fairness it was virtually perfect, she is getting good.

 ( we still don’t know what she does in pre-school ) but we are seeing the benefits.

currently listening to Mother’s Milk – Red hot Chili Peppers ( including the awesome Pretty Little Ditty, and Higher Ground !!!)


 D is loving pre-school.

just hope it lasts, everything is crossed.

 BUT, when you ask her what she actually did at pre-school? you get … well.. nothing !

It is like having a teenager !!!

 ME :- ” what did you do  at school today?”

D :- ” Nothing”

ME:- ” What you did NOTHING all afetrnoon ?”

D:- ” yes ”

 and so it goes on !!!

What will she be like when she gets to be a teenager !

Anyone else had this problem with Kids ????

 currently listening to anything by Paramore..

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