before the parade


 We thought the Civil war appreciation society had turned up on the wrong day !

" Wave your flag "


Loxley Band


waiting at the other end


Scarecrow competition


Chingford Team


Sheffield Giants


  This took place before the Gala really, and the changing of the May Queen, buit I found it the most interesting part….   I thought I had a photo of the “Orc” dancing team, but it couldn’t have taken unfortunatley !!!

  Anyone think the Male giant looks like somet from a star trek film ?? !!

currently listening to 30 seconds to Mars, – This Is War.


I decided last week to drive to Sheffield to see the family.

But I had to do it after work, on Friday night, and return on Sunday, mid day, being Father’s day and all .

 Well I left at 4pm, got stuck in some really bad congestion, took about an hour to get to Newport from Cardiff, then got into Sheffield at about 9.15 pm a bit of a mad drive, but once the England game had started the roads were clear !! I have to say though, the world cup has touched England probably more than ever. Car after car had flags on them, and the houses are flying the St. George’s cross flags !!  It was amazing to see English people being proud of a flag, and being proud to be English. Perhaps we should abandom the Union Jack which is seen often as a symbol of extreme nationalism, and go with the St.Georges cross cross in England, but that is a debate for another time.

 So Saturday, I got to spend some time with my sister and niece, and then went to see me gran, Then it was time for the Grenoside Gala, at which the local school, were dancing, about 5 morris dancing teams were also dancing, which was good, I may post photos, we shall see. I always used to try and see the Dancing on Boxing Day, which is a village tradition   here is the link to Grenoside team web page, I have not seen it on boxing day for a few years so I thought I’d make the effort this last saturday ! and it was a good turnout,

 After that I had promised to help my other sister out in her garden, after an hour her boyfriend offered me a beer, ( well it’s rude to not accept hospitality , right ?) well 1 beer turned into 3 , and I ended up “helping” to take plaster coving off of the lounge walls !! It was all good though. Fair play my sister may soon be self sufficient….   ( well ish ) her garden is nearly an allotment, potato’s , onions, carrots, runner beans, kidney beans, courgettes, radish’s and strawberries !! pretty amazing,

 Then Sunday the long drive home for Fathers day , 400 miles in a day and half not bad really … in time for Italy, New Zealand, which was a nothing game,  D was very excited to see me, and shouted what she had got me for Father’s day… before she had given it to me !! oh well !….

 and today, back to work again…