So the weekend turned out to be quite better than expected.bonding time for me and D.

Me and D, went to the park after and fed the ducks, and did the swings, though D was quite dismayed by the fact that the roundabout had been removed !!

The we drove over to ASDA ( other supermarkets are available ) and got some flowers for tomorrow, and food, we then came back and planted the sun flower seeds,

Today was filled mainly by guitar hero and trying to sort out our attic, which uncovered quite a few memories, and also quite a bit of junk, which needed binning, so we can put more junk in the attic. !!  it’s kinda like a big filing system up there !

currently listening to Ashes to Ashes theme album.




 I have some time with D this weekend.

 If the weather is good, hopefully we shall go to the country park

then we have sunflowers to plant. There is nothing like trying to get children into gardening, also D is very clingy to J. Hopefully we can start to break this down by having some quality time with her.

 Then soon we are off to Sheffield to see the family, to let my family have some time with D. not sure if my sisters plan of going to the chinese supermarket on the tram will come off though, I think D has plans of seeing my sisters pet cat, Morris……   Goodness help Morris !

Currently listening to Alter Bridge.

I went home last weekend, which was … Fantastic.

 I didn’t get to go at Christmas, so this kinda made up for it.

 Firstly I got to see the family, which as I get older I appreciate more and more, I think when you are younger you kind of take them for granted, nothing in life should be taken for granted, So I spent some time with them, and my Gran. Helped my sister finish pull down a ceiling, and clear up then start clearing the green house of last years rubbish, ready for this years harvest.

 Managed to get to see Sheffield Wednesday, though paying £24 for about 24 minutes of decent football is not value for money. How a team can totally underperform one half, yet show sparks of brilliance in the second half is totally beyond me, but that is the life of a suffering football fan, The future is bright, the future is blue and white.

 Thanks to my sister and boyfriend, I discovered Bradfield Brewery, and their fantastic ales , ( I think I know where I’m visiting on my next trip home ! )

It was all in all a very good weekend, I need a few lung fulls of Yorkshire air again to rejuvinate me, It’s still my home.

Yesterday was one of my proudest days as a parent.

D, had her first Chrsistmas play

She was an Angel, Literally !!

She said her line, and sang her heart out.

I thought my heart was going to burst with pride !!

I can’t remember what the last 2 weeks , maybe 3 have entailed, bar the mighty shitey-ness of work …

 This weekend I managed to get home for the weekend which was very good

Good catch up with the family

Gran’s 90th birthday

Good chinese food,

Good 3 hrs + helping to pull down 2 Lath + plaster ceilings , met some great people.

Bad aching of limbs from pulling down of said ceilings !

2 pints of genius.

Alot of driving in 3 days, but well worth it !!

Last weekend , I went to see my little Sisters house ( I can call it a house now, it has walls planned, and a new roof ) !!   Ha only kidding sis!

I said I’d help with some plaster board, that needed to go on the ceiling and ended up staying most of the day, even got a meal out of her !! It was actually a good laugh, and harder work than I thought, as the plaster sheets were approx 2.5m x 1m, so with 3 people and 2 dead men, it was manageable…   goodness knows how the 2 of them had done the back room ceiling!!

 I have since e-mailed my local college about seeing if they do a plasters course, so maybe this has spured me on a little to learn some new skills!

 3 weeks, and I could be helping out again,

Home again last weekend,

I actually learned a few things.

1) Sometimes it is better to not moan, other situations can be worse than yours.

2) how to put up plaster board on a ceiling.

3) I saw the future, and all that glitters is not gold!

 These blogs are to follow…

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