I have been looking to buy a farm for D for christmas, AHmmm ( I mean to send to father christmas for him to deliver !)

All the ones we have seen are approx £40

easy I thought, I’ll make one great idea……. 

8 weeks on and we have a deadline to meet, people !!!

so far it has cost me approx £50 !

 but this farm has a moving windmill etc, so it is better in my opinion ! it is amazing what can be made from mdf !

 Then yesterday, I left some of the fencing ontop of the tumble dryer, which is on top of the washing machine, and this morning D said ” what’s that mam, it looks…. like   a fence, and windmill !!”

 Oh joy, that will have to be moved this evening, and hopefully it will be forgotten ….  Yeah right !

sometimes kids have big eyes, and noses eh !!!



 Darcy is getting excited about Christmas.

 I mean r.e.a.l.l.y excited about Christmas.

 This is my wife’s fault she is 30 something, and mad about Christmas, so I can see this being passed on to our daughter, If you show Darcy a piture of Father Christmas, he says “kismas” “presents”   OH BOY !!

 Mind you Jayne wanted to put the Christmas tree up early this year !!  Usually people on our street start putting up their lights soon, and the non-competitve  “HAHA” competitions will start, to see who can have the best lights !!!

Best be off to start looking at presents then !!