Sorry for not responding sooner… i’ll keep this brief because we haven’t decided what to do yet, and until then I won’t say too much.

 It was a, …..   strange …  check up to say the least.

 The usual ECG , which we had a job to quiten D down, bless her she cried, ( only natural when your getting plastered in wires . )

 The the consultant scanned her for with a ultrasaound for 10 minutes,

 sat down

then said ” OH I was supposed to look at the other side ”

” eerr, I’ll see D in a years time, she wouldn’t let me see all the right areas. ”

( I’m not being funny here, D didn’t not move !!!!  she was too interested watching her heart on the monitor !!! )

We are currently awaiting the confirmation letter of the scan, to see how to proceed with this very unsatisfactory outcome to the scan.


Congrats ! Petrol has reached an all time high !

Locally £1.19, but some stations are showing £1.24.9

Thats per litre folks, not PER Gallon like in the states .

This has now reached scandulous hights, and surely can not continue.

But it will with further fuel duty rises promised, and also the VAT increase in January

An easy way for the Government to screw over the motorist !

 Welcome to the Conservative ” just jump on a bus ” to get to work ethic…. Well , er no actually . I travel 2 1/2 hours. ( on a clear day ) in commuter miles 72 a day, and that would increase by over an hour a day on the bus !!

It now costs me £55 – £60 a week in petrol. when this is harnest to the fact ( like a lot of people in Britain ) we have had no inflation , or pay rises for the last 3 yrs, it is getting to to the point that I bearly break even every month,

 Don’t get me wrong , I’m thankful for a job, and yes I chose to work the distance away I do ( because I live in one of Europes most deprived areas, and there are few jobs ) The British way is to just ” get on with it ” , but there comes a point when you have to say no, and stand up ! This wouldn’t happen in France now would it ??

It is an easy way for the Treasury to earn money with a tax rate of over 70% on petrol..

 And now when the Ombudsman investigating gas&electric companies for unfair price increases maybe it was time Petrol & diesel was investigated . Re-newable powersources are being banged on about all the time, but when will the investment start to pay out to the customer ….   I believe it will not… ever, We should propose sites for wind turbines, and stop people from objecting to planning permission, yes ok if a wind farm is planned in your back garden , then that is bad, but saying that they are an eye-sore is not a valid reason in todays world.

As the great Myles Kennedy said in the Alter Bridge Live in Amsterdam concert ….  ” If you want to make a change in this F**ked up world, put your hands in the air ” !!

 Please I urge you to use

and yes, today I’m listening to Alter Bridge!

When does Britain’s got talent, end?….

Ok next weekend,    which is not soon enough

Child singers, who … can’t sing, performing dogs, and dance groups, though good, there are now too many ….

 Britain has talent ? not really….

currently listening to AC/DC greatest hits…  ( sorry Iron Man 2 soundtrack ), but waiting for the best of Stone Temple Pilots to arrive…

Nothing to do with Franny Jeffers !!!

Got the new ( to me ) car on Friday…VW Fox

 Driving it is ….  erm, interetsing.

 It opporates on really low revs compared to the Fiesta, so pulling away at junctions is … err   slow !, just can’t get used to it, but hey it had to be done.

 My fiesta was already pre-sold on the VW website….

125k on the clock, needs a bit of TLC ( not a note of waterfalls to be heard…  thankyou !! )  but it will serve who-ever the lucky owner will be !!


D’s birthday party on saturday….  oh boy…. 15 kids and parents…..

 J says I can organise next years…

 Do not get me wrong the afternoon went really well, but we are all shattered,

 Especially when you cook a shed full of food, and there is so much left over !!


  Go to a party , they are always there. and no body EVER eats them….!



Sunday I bought a coat…..   yep, the hottest day of the year, and I buy a coat, Well GAP had a 30% sale, so….   and I needed it so…..

 D now has this thing , where if other people are talking, and she wants to be the centre of attention, she says  ” ‘Cuse me, I don’t like talking ”  OH WELL THEN !!!

   Oh Boy..

listening to the new Framing Hanley CD,

and a little Chili peppers.

That is the question.

the subject is the recession ( I pull no punches, we are in a recession )

so , When the topic of redundancies raises its frankly ugly head, I wheald a sword and lop it off, !!   No i bury my head in the sand, get me head down, do as much work, to the best of my abilities, and adopt a very “can – do ” attitude.

 But when it strikes other members of my family ( 2 so far to date ) I start to get defensive, and frankly worried, more is at stake than just a job, and some pin money for a pint on a saturday nite !   homes, get involved. yes life goes on, people get other jobs, but that is proving harder, especially if you already live in economically deprived areas.

Do not get me wrong the media have to hold their hands up and admit guilt for over hyping the recession, but it is getting ever nearer my door, and I do not like it !!

i worry

The heating is broke again…

I think ( cos I’m not a plumber ! ) That it is an ignition problem on the boiler, or a thermo couple, maybe, we shall see, !

 On another note, Darcy’s well documented mother – clingyness is getting worse, and can turn from laughter and smiles, to full blown tantrum in seconds, it hurts .

 On a lighter note, Darcy’s imagination is getting, better ? / stranger .

The sponge octopus, in the bath that she hated last week, now has a name ….  Pier, ironic eh ?, apparantly Pier’s favourite food are Peas, but he also like bubbles !! Oh Boy !

Last weekend,

 We have a boiler which when the heating is off, you can still get hot water. Well this stopped.

Thursday night ,

  The boiler is whining, ok says I , I’ll phone a plumber, to service it, which I did, and he said he could do it at the end of this week, Great.


Friday night…  ” boiler says Nnnooooooo  ”

 No heating,   it is c.o.l.d !

Saturday I manage to get said plumber to have a look, the fan has gone , gone where ? that’s what i want to know !!!  kerching sounded in the air, not the cheapest of boiler parts !! So anyway I’m hoping to get it fixed maybe tuesday, wednesday , fingers crossed !!

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