This is me, 34, a parent of 30 months, in the U.K , ( originally from Sheffield, and life long suffering Sheffield Wednesday fan ), fan of all music, bar Abba, and Steps,   trying to learn to be a better Dad, each day, surfing the crest of the learning curve, that is the Journey of Fatherhood, Please feel free to kick back, read some blogs, make some comments, and join my world for a moment !  Your time, and comments, as always, are appreciated .! Enjoy.

 If there are no, or few pictures of my daughter, i’m only protecting her privacy, I am a truly loving father, with his daughter’s best interests at heart.  Do not hold it against me


One Response to “Just me..”

  1. G’day from Australia, thanks for subscribing to my blog.
    My wife and I are coming to the UK next June. I am hoping to promote my new book Good dads GREAT DADS, look for a book distributor and do a couple of talks etc. Do you happen to know anyone in the book world that may provide a lead to a cintact etc? Please advise and happy kitchen rennos.
    Good dads GREAT DADS

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