December 2010

Off last Friday, in laws ill, and couldn’t look after D

Yesterday J, was ill and I had to look after D again,

lucky escape though as the snow was really bad,  over a foot of it.

Bad for Britain….   easy peasy for the rest of the world probably, but as usual Britain can … not… cope.

 Not so Great Britain!!!

 Finish on Thursday now, and can’t wait, hopefully we can get to a supermarket though, as trying to buy a loaf of bread yesterday, was like waiting for a UN food convoy .  all sold out !


I have been looking to buy a farm for D for christmas, AHmmm ( I mean to send to father christmas for him to deliver !)

All the ones we have seen are approx £40

easy I thought, I’ll make one great idea……. 

8 weeks on and we have a deadline to meet, people !!!

so far it has cost me approx £50 !

 but this farm has a moving windmill etc, so it is better in my opinion ! it is amazing what can be made from mdf !

 Then yesterday, I left some of the fencing ontop of the tumble dryer, which is on top of the washing machine, and this morning D said ” what’s that mam, it looks…. like   a fence, and windmill !!”

 Oh joy, that will have to be moved this evening, and hopefully it will be forgotten ….  Yeah right !

sometimes kids have big eyes, and noses eh !!!

Yesterday was one of my proudest days as a parent.

D, had her first Chrsistmas play

She was an Angel, Literally !!

She said her line, and sang her heart out.

I thought my heart was going to burst with pride !!

Congrats ! Petrol has reached an all time high !

Locally £1.19, but some stations are showing £1.24.9

Thats per litre folks, not PER Gallon like in the states .

This has now reached scandulous hights, and surely can not continue.

But it will with further fuel duty rises promised, and also the VAT increase in January

An easy way for the Government to screw over the motorist !

 Welcome to the Conservative ” just jump on a bus ” to get to work ethic…. Well , er no actually . I travel 2 1/2 hours. ( on a clear day ) in commuter miles 72 a day, and that would increase by over an hour a day on the bus !!

It now costs me £55 – £60 a week in petrol. when this is harnest to the fact ( like a lot of people in Britain ) we have had no inflation , or pay rises for the last 3 yrs, it is getting to to the point that I bearly break even every month,

 Don’t get me wrong , I’m thankful for a job, and yes I chose to work the distance away I do ( because I live in one of Europes most deprived areas, and there are few jobs ) The British way is to just ” get on with it ” , but there comes a point when you have to say no, and stand up ! This wouldn’t happen in France now would it ??

It is an easy way for the Treasury to earn money with a tax rate of over 70% on petrol..

 And now when the Ombudsman investigating gas&electric companies for unfair price increases maybe it was time Petrol & diesel was investigated . Re-newable powersources are being banged on about all the time, but when will the investment start to pay out to the customer ….   I believe it will not… ever, We should propose sites for wind turbines, and stop people from objecting to planning permission, yes ok if a wind farm is planned in your back garden , then that is bad, but saying that they are an eye-sore is not a valid reason in todays world.

As the great Myles Kennedy said in the Alter Bridge Live in Amsterdam concert ….  ” If you want to make a change in this F**ked up world, put your hands in the air ” !!

 Please I urge you to use

and yes, today I’m listening to Alter Bridge!

Drinking Guinness , helps you to think that you can play 10 pin.

in reality Genius, in pint form, does not transpond  to genius in the lanes !

We went out for our ( retired pub team / come thursday night social gathering annual christmas party ) . on saturday, Frankie & Benny’s is what is is. a decent restrauant, and then we went bowling.

After the meal I remember thinking , Guinness bottles with a draught widget….   novel,

I think that was when the genius part ran out !

And so on to bowling,

 Does anyone else have the problem of not getting a bowling bowl to fit your fingers? or have I just got that one as an excuse!..

 The results were interesting , hahaha

 A strike in baseball , and a strike in bowling are totally different things,

well busy again,

 So much is happening

Sheffield Wednesday got bought out at the last minute

loads of work

more work

D’s has 2 xmas plays coming up !

Christmas tree went up on the 1st December,

We had snow….  we still have snow…   it is about -5 today again !!!!  blooming freezing !!