I enjoy cooking,

I enjoy watching Hells Kitchen, ( though Britain is behind the USA by about 10 weeks ( note to self… do not find official Hells Kitchen webpage, it may tell you what is happening W.A.Y ahead ) )

But I do not really want to take part in such a show, the pressure is pretty intense. And as a vegatarian, how the hell do you cook meat, or fish ? there’s a learning curve !! However if I did want to participate I reckon theres 2 secrets that could probably get you half way to success,

1) taste all the food.

2) talk all the time in the kitchen, no communication I reckon will get you the boot pretty early on !

if half the contestants did the 2 points above, the show may be double the length !!

, Talking in the kitchen certainly happens in our house !! D, came home from school the other day and said “Dad can we cook ?”

 ” Yes ” I said, racking my brains as mid – week – no food in the cupboard syndrome was happening…   So I said yes, we will make scones, and luckily we had some billberies, ( wimberries to the welsh ) ( blueberries to Americans ) so we lobbed them into the mix, and it was a surprising success, although D didn’t want to mix the mixture….   ‘cos we might get dirty….   such a girl !!!