October 2010

Man I hate this.

It’s just legalised begging !

Spongers !

Bah….. Humbug


I went to see Sheffield Wednesday vs Bournemouth last saturday,

I had heard that form was not great,though they lie 4th in the table.

I can honestly say that the first half was possibly the worst half of football I have ever seen.

the team worked not as a team, in fact they couldn’t even pass to one another!!!! the funniest fan I heard was when D.Purse ran up field, for a free kick, and someone shouted “Purse’s gonna get yer !!!”   he didn’t though…..

 Only with the much underused Gary Teale, and Neil Mellor did SWFC finally gel and start working as a unit! , a draw was lucky in this respect.

  The cause. Probably the fans, I mean this in a good way. because the fan base are amazing, though the team took an incredable amount of abuse at half time, – and rightly so. The fans sang practically for 45 minutes in the second half. The truth is the team get over whelmed by the crowds expectation , and when they turn on them, they fall apart.

The future is bright , the future is blue & white

Last weekend , I went to see my little Sisters house ( I can call it a house now, it has walls planned, and a new roof ) !!   Ha only kidding sis!

I said I’d help with some plaster board, that needed to go on the ceiling and ended up staying most of the day, even got a meal out of her !! It was actually a good laugh, and harder work than I thought, as the plaster sheets were approx 2.5m x 1m, so with 3 people and 2 dead men, it was manageable…   goodness knows how the 2 of them had done the back room ceiling!!

 I have since e-mailed my local college about seeing if they do a plasters course, so maybe this has spured me on a little to learn some new skills!

 3 weeks, and I could be helping out again,

A certain supermarket near all of us in Britain, works as a care in the community scheme for old people, i’m sure of it. It just makes it nightmare for the rest of us, to drive there, and push a trolley around, because all the the isles are blocked ! haha

 Whenever you go, any time of the day , there are old people, I reckon they go for the day, start off with a coffee, then shop, then all 300 of them queue for there £2 dinners.

 Don’t get me wrong, there IS NOTHING wrong with that, if that is what you want to do….

I hope there is a little more excitement though waiting for me in old age !

Home again last weekend,

I actually learned a few things.

1) Sometimes it is better to not moan, other situations can be worse than yours.

2) how to put up plaster board on a ceiling.

3) I saw the future, and all that glitters is not gold!

 These blogs are to follow…

Today’s the day

We British finally find out who are going to be hit the hardest, because of Labour’s inept leadership.

 It is easy to sit back and say, ” I just keep my head down ”  ……” as long as my job is safe, ”  …..because I think we will be hit harder than we think. At the end of the day , people’s livlihoods are at stake here, their homes, their families etc will be affected……   these are troubled times indeed, we know Britain is in a financial mess, I just hope these spending cuts do not plunge us into a new recession ???

 It just shows how the ” Family ” has been replaced at our core, by the “pound”

Have you seen this programme, on the telly? The everyday lives of certain people in Notting Hill London.

Me & J hated it at first, we just couldn’t get into the idea of watching peoples everyday lives ( bar the fact they are sometimes VERY aware that people watch them on the TV )

but after a few shows it is getting interesting you have to learn a little about the characters, and then you kind of get it. the only problem is the people are influenced by viewers comments on Twitter etc, so what happens in the show, is affected , sometimes directly by the public,

But what a good idea, to get the community connecting again, perhaps better than David Cameron’s Big Community idea!!!

 We watch with interest !

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