My beloved football club, is in trouble…AGAIN,

High Court …possible administration…. and unpaid tax bills and what with 30 million pounds of debt. the future don’t look bright does it !!!

 Yes – we can blame the funding of football in the world today

 Yes – we can blame past directors, and mismanagement

 BUT this does not get us out of the current situation, – although avoided again ( due to another bank loan ) at the last hour, but we will probably be in the same boat next month,.

 So what is the solution, a buy out has been on the cards for several years , but has never really looked like it will happen. So is administration an option, bar the fact all the best players will leave, for next for nothing, and the ground will be seized as assets….

  for once the fans need to be vocal on this subject on saturday, because at the end of the day, THEY will be the ones who are getting hurt again.

any suggestions, on a postcard, ….  or 30 million quid,

The Future is (not so) bright, the future is blue and white ( depending on new owners, and a change of strip )