September 2010

D has not always found it easy at pre-school, she still has her moments

(  but then again thats what you get for sending a 3 yr old to school !)

but she is benefitting from it,

but that’s what life is all about right? colouring within the lines

Yesterday she did some colouring, and in fairness it was virtually perfect, she is getting good.

 ( we still don’t know what she does in pre-school ) but we are seeing the benefits.

currently listening to Mother’s Milk – Red hot Chili Peppers ( including the awesome Pretty Little Ditty, and Higher Ground !!!)

 I am ashamed,

I have followed my beloved club since 1979.

through thick and thin, ( mostly thin )

 Cup finals, European tournaments, relegations, and now now financial disaster..

 Nick Hornby, said in fever pitch, “when you chose your club, you chose for life” How true, Wednesday are are in my blood, and will be till I die, but the recent troubles are enough to test anyone,  how can a football club sink so much because of their finances. !

 If Wednesday go to the wall, I wouldn’t / couldn’t follow another team, it would impossible…..I am shocked to the core, that we fans find ourselves in our current situation, because lets face it, the FANS are the ones to suffer, always the fans, 18,000 of which turned up for a league 1 game, when their closest rivals could only muster 14,000 crowd, and that is a good crowd for them ….. we poll a higher crowd than most teams in the championship !

I understand the protests, sometimes Owls fans maybe do not protest enough . but for once more than ever the fans must get behind the team, attendances must stay up, in order to keep the revenue coming in , 

 The fans must be the 12 man, ! I know the team are not playing well, for whatever reasons, but as fans it is our job to back the team,  if we don’t there won’t be a team. end of.

 Back the team, because tomorrow maybe too late.

 The future is bright ( possibly ) the furture is blue & white.

Firstly I did not JUST watch tv this weekend….

Secondly the tv I watched was crap !

Certain comedy roadshow programs were on saturday night, but all repeats,

Then I finally got to see Juno, and Knocked Up….

 Well I managed 20 minutes of Knocked Up.

 I saw all of Juno, but sorry I do not get the hype, WAY over-rated.


 D is loving pre-school.

just hope it lasts, everything is crossed.

 BUT, when you ask her what she actually did at pre-school? you get … well.. nothing !

It is like having a teenager !!!

 ME :- ” what did you do  at school today?”

D :- ” Nothing”

ME:- ” What you did NOTHING all afetrnoon ?”

D:- ” yes ”

 and so it goes on !!!

What will she be like when she gets to be a teenager !

Anyone else had this problem with Kids ????

 currently listening to anything by Paramore..

In the past you read someone’s blog . you like it. you add to your blogroll

right ?

well no as the function seems to have vanished, or has it gone from my theme ??

come on wordpress !! what’s occuring ?

At last the return of Hells Kitchen USA


I stupidly stupidly didn’t realise that ITV 2 would be about 10 weeks behind the USA ! so I went on FOX channel to have a look, and surprise surprise the final preview video was being shown ! DOH!

 great I now know who is in the final. !!

Still it doesn’t detract from a great show, that knocks spots of the British version.!

D, started pre-school 2 days ago….

J was allowed to stay with her for the hour, and this worked out ok.

today though D is on her own for 2 & 1/2 hours.

Who will be more upset, D ? or J ?

We will see. D is ready to go , but in my head I still think it wrong to send a 3yr old to school, they should be allowed to stay at home at mature in the home for at least another year.


 My beloved football club, is in trouble…AGAIN,

High Court …possible administration…. and unpaid tax bills and what with 30 million pounds of debt. the future don’t look bright does it !!!

 Yes – we can blame the funding of football in the world today

 Yes – we can blame past directors, and mismanagement

 BUT this does not get us out of the current situation, – although avoided again ( due to another bank loan ) at the last hour, but we will probably be in the same boat next month,.

 So what is the solution, a buy out has been on the cards for several years , but has never really looked like it will happen. So is administration an option, bar the fact all the best players will leave, for next for nothing, and the ground will be seized as assets….

  for once the fans need to be vocal on this subject on saturday, because at the end of the day, THEY will be the ones who are getting hurt again.

any suggestions, on a postcard, ….  or 30 million quid,

The Future is (not so) bright, the future is blue and white ( depending on new owners, and a change of strip )

 Apologies for the fact I have not been blogging,

 it is shameful,

I just have not had time,

work is crazy, crazy and worse

D starts pre-school nursery this afternoon, to say J & I are full of trepedation is an understatemnet……..

more later,

This week has been hell…..

crazy crazy crazy..

I have an escape tunnel, the problem is it has many tunnels, with no real direction yet …….

So 4 yr strong say …

 ” Don’t fix it, if it isn’t broken yet ,

 Don’t regret it, if it hasn’t happened yet. ”

 4 year strong…… – It must really suck to be 4 year strong right now .