Due to a crash, it took me 2 hrs to get home from work last night.

( I was diverted, not in the crash! )

When I walked through the door, D was crying, she had dropped a knife on her foot, as she was setting the table ( she loves doing this, though it can take 10 minutes, and we can’t bring the plates in till she has finished, usually we have about 3 mats each !!)

Me gran made a big fuss , at our wedding saying it was important for us to have a cutlery set made in Sheffield , then went and bought us a german one , with pretty heavy steel handles. they hurt when dropped on your toe !! They had pretty heavy handles….. not pretty looking handles yeah ! 

 In the end I asked whether a plaster would help make it better, to which D said yes, though i don’t think she really knew what a plaster was, She then tried to walk on the foot, but ended up shouting , and limping and asked to be carried !This sounds like “Is she faking this ?” ” or has she actually broken her toe, and your teasing ”

 Well after about a half hour, she asked for the plaster to be taken off, and she was amazed by the magic healing poweres, – or was it more like she had forgotten the pain…..

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