Said Bono,

 And it is true.

 Due to family commitments on J’s side, I had the task of taking D, to a party yesterday. ( my first as a dad) ‘cos the usual ones before have been mid-week or friends also of J.

 Now D is going through a ” mum’s me best friend” stage at the moment, and I mean “best” friend. even to the point of calling her “mama-mia” ( ? )  ( enough brackets for ya ! ?? )

So D, seemed ok as we walked to the party, then as soon as we got in there, she clammed up, refused to speak to any of her friends, and crawled on my knee, and hugged up very tight, which usually would have been fine, but I really wanted her to play with her friends…… but she has this idea that you can only have 1 friend, and that , at the moment is , J !

 So I had this for nearly an hour, then they put the food out, and she ate quite a bit, then suddenly she announced she wanted to go on the bouncy castle. ” you knock yer self out ” I thought, …………..    well not literally,!…… but I wanted her to get the confidence to do it, and…  she did ! Thank God, for 45 minutes non stop !

 Just to see her smile that little “I’m enjoying myself having fun,  whilst being with other kids, and having a bit of independance from mum & dad, smile ” was great,

Though a little sad ‘cos my little girl is growing up, and that, though makes me proud, still can choke me up .

currently listening to Paramore – Riot,

and also Nickelback – Dark Horse.