August 2010

so after last weeks midly underwhelming success of the blog, of the cd’s in me lunch box here is this weeks offering…..

1) Madness – The Liberty Of Norton Folgate

2) Paramore – Riot

3) Stone temple Pilots – Thank You

4) All American rejects – move along

5) Stone Sour – come what(ever)may

 What is your musical choice of the week??


What with the funeral last Friday,

( D you were brilliant…  everyone said so….. )

it has been a bit hard.

 D hasn’t asked after her great grandad ( “old friend” she used to call him ) we are not sure if this because she has just accepted his death, or whether she doesn’t want to question it, we will see.

 Work is proving …. tough. Time for the escape plan again I think. just doing a bit of ground work first eh?  ” take me with you , I can see perfectly ”  Donald Pleasance.

Congrats to Dave

off of Pontypool,

2nd is a very good achievement. even more so as he is a very family orientated , christian minister. In a world of Dawkinism, and anti religion, Dave has truly spread a bit of glory !

** Perhaps David Cameron should get Dave to be Minister for Family affairs ??

Currently listeming to Madness – The Liberty Of Norton Folgate.

I take a sandwich box to work everyday, but I keep cd’s init, for the car / office

todays choices are :-

1) Incubus – Make Yourself

2) Nickelback – Dark Horse

3) Biffy Clyro – Revolutions

4) Stone Sour – Come whatever (may)

5) Andrea Bocelli – Viaggio Italiano ….. ‘cos I’m reight cultured Tha knows !!

What is your cd of choice today ??

The other night I smelt something that transported me back in the day … back to when I was a kid, picking fruit in our back garden,

it was a really muggy evening, and I could smell raspberries.

I haven’t smelt that in years…

Top three things that remind me of being a kid,

1) The orange glow of street lights in the sky, over Sheffield.

2) When driving home Junction 29a on the M1 you can ALWAYS smell coal fires, ( though there is a coking plant  nearby ) ( just reminds me of visiting my grandad in Derbyshire)

3)  The smell of Raspberries.

Do you have any particular smell that reminds you of being a child ??

Currently listening to Incubus – Make Yourself

This weekend was one of the ones that you don’t want.

J’s grandad died, quite suddenly after a broken hip operation.

2 weeks short of the big 100 !

One of the nicest, politest gents you would have the honour of meeting.

you will be missed be your family, imensley.

 Now, I spent some of Saturday morning, trying to explain to D ( 3yrs) that she won’t be able to see her Great Grandad again, How do you explain that to a 3 yr old !!!! Only the day before she asked if she could see him in hospital, because she wanted to hide his walking stick ……….

A death in the family brings you down to earth

 Or is Depeche Mode the old Dommin …. there is a question

Is Dommin a refreshing change in a sea of musical mediocrity, or a throwback to something we enjoyed in the 80’s / 90’s..?


currently listening to Depeche Mode – The Singles 86>98

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