1) Embarassed  2) Shambles  3) sickening  4) Criminal  5) Excruciating  6) gut-wrenching ( ok thats two ) 7) Horrific   8 ) Frustrating, 9) AAARRRggghhhh  !!!!  10 ) piss take.

  10 little words off the top of my head to try and get my head around the horror show of the England vs Germany game on Sunday,

  We had been invited to a Christening in Newark last Sunday, so everyone was kinda on tenterhooks on whether we were going to see the game or not,

 Have no fear, the reception was the catholic community centre,

no problem for a bar and ……  BIG SCREEN !!!

 but then the game started,

 I just can not say how embarrassed I was by the performance, If I had travelled to South Africa, I would be BANGING on the F.A ‘s door demanding my money back, A nation was geared up for this world cup, like I can’t believe. I had not seen such patriotism from the fans, then you had practically a full team, of “professionals ” who couldn’t be bothered to pull on their national shirt, and show a bit of pride for the fans, and Rooneys comment still smart, let alone his performance !!!!

 Sorry I’m a massive fan of Capello. the blame has to fall at the players feet, no guts, no aptitude, no willing , no pride…….    no sense !!!

 I just can’t understand it, how a team can go from being playing brilliantly in the qualifiers, to a such a mess , ( including Slovenia ).

A lot of players need to have a good look in the mirror, and decide whether they want to continue to REPRESENT THEIR COUNTRY !

Can you tell I’m disappointed ??