July 2010

Our little D, starts pre-school in september,

we bought her polo shirts yesterday.

she might be ready to go,

but I do not care, it is wrong to send a 3 1/2 yr old to pre-school. you have enough years in education, she should be able to live and enjoy her pre-school ones a bit more.

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  We have been reading  The Faraway Tree to D, and she L.O.V.E.S it,

 Though it says it is recommended for 7+ yrs, but it is great, and the chapters are short.

 I was reading it last night to her, and in fairness I got carried away, and when I turned to look at her, D was literally ” in the land of dreams ”

 On holiday last week , I bought her The Finn Family Moomintroll book, again I thought it may be a good follow on to the Faraway Tree,  until that night it said on the back for 9 yrs + What ?? come on, I’m doing the reading, not her !!! 

 I’m a firm believer in reading to children, as it starts their imagination , and it will also help with their reading skills, but D is ahead of some of the other kids her age in terms of her likes and dislikes, so I need to be careful with the sort of books I read to her, I was read The Hobbit when I was 7ish, and remember reading the Dambusters when I was 9, both books started my imagination for reading incredibly….

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Last week, proved one of those great parent – child moments, when we took D to the zoo in Paignton.

 She was skipping with excitement down the stairs to the zoo entrance, and shouting with excitement. To see a child get so excited over something that an adult takes for granted is fantastic, D couldn’t wait to see the monkeys, goats, and flamingo’s mainly, but was excited about all the animals there !!! she also knew what a Praire Dog was, strange as we haven’t told her about them ?? !

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Well, I’m back after the trip to Devon,

it wasn’t really work related, just a ….  holiday.  more on that later..

 As the rest of the country swam in rain, I’m glad to say Devon was ..  “SCORCHIO!!”

only half a day of rain in a week…  and thats when I decided to visit the golf driving range…

The last time I went, was…..   well last year at the same place ! so once a year golf habit is not bad,

Did my balls fly straight and true….   some did, alot did not !!

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away on work for week and a bit, back very soon,

Just found this link on one of me favourite blogs,  Postcard cafe.


I have a print of Mckee’s  ( football, if you educate the apple of your eye…….. )

 I hadn’t seen his 22 views of sheffield, but they are pure class, and well worth a look. especially if you from sheffield, and know the places !!

My faves, have to be ” 2p bus ride into town ”

  and of course, ” hole in the road fish tank ”  

whatever happened to those fish ???? !!

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The Pre-season friendlies start in ernest this week,

For once Sheffield Wednesday have potentially , a very good SQUAD, with decent cover in a few areas!, in some respects we have a better squad now, than last season.

and then Yesterday Clinton Morrison signs


A Big coup !! and with the likes of Heffernan, JJ, Mellor, and Tudders, ( if he stays) The attack should be shredding a few defences next season.

The hope is though that this new “team” will gell quickly, as we need to get out of this division at the first time of asking…..  or it could be finicial meltdown,

  The Blue and White side of the city, are at least making some good signings, the pressure is on the blunts, who with even more debt than us, appear to be struggling to sign anyone decent ? !

  Come on ! I have a good feeling about this season, Promotion beckons, get behind the team,

The future is bright, the future is blue and white !!!  

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