We ate me sisters radishes in a salad last night, very good they were too ! reckon we could be growing some of our own soon, I have a plan, maybe not a cunning plan, but a little one, formulating ! we shall see.

My Niece’s christening on sunday! England’s second round game is………   yep, Sunday !

The Budget is today, Baton down the hatches… I reckon we ‘re in for a bumpy ride. National Insurance, VAT, Fuel Duty looks set to rise! We are struggling as it is, turning the screw aint going to help. The government seem to looking in the wrong areas for the cuts, cutting hospital buidling programs, and training, these are things that need ring fencing, , surely the idea is to grow the economy, by making more people unemployed, creates more benefits, and less money goes into the system, getting people INTO work surely is the key ???   I’m not advocating a Mussolini public works plan, but we need more jobs. mind you the only thing britain is known for now is service industry,

  Oh yeah, and this morning I put the bins out, only to put splattered with bin juice, Fantastic…

 Currently listening to one of the best albums of the decade.

 Arctic Monkeys – Humbug