I’ve seen some pretty bad England games over the years…

Any game with a penalty in it !!

The Japan game was astonishingly bad, when was the last time that Japan scored 3 goals and ended up losing ??

 The USA game was bad, just bad, a game we “should” have won on paper,

Algeria though, Lucky enough I was driving to Sheffield so I had to make do with the excrusciating radio commentry ( Radio 5 Live was brilliant ) England were not.

 I can’t see what more motivation you need, The fact that you are pulling on your countries shirt, should be enough, many millions of us fans would pay the FA , or lose teeth, or a limb for a chance to play for England, but that display on Friday was shocking, England couldn’t control the ball let alone PASS it !!! the whole team did not look bothered ! Then for Rooney to blast the fans for booing them is shocking, Many people say that you should never boo at a game as it is demoralising, well if you pay to see a game, if you travel half way around the world, to see a game, if you use up life savings on doing the 2 previous, then it is justified, that if the performance is that bad, then yes you should BOO!!!, for a player on 100K+  A WEEK to turn around and criticise the fans is a disgrace, especially after his own performance !

 So the next game is a must win, must must win, and of cause blind faith means I will be willing the team on and praying for a win, England Expects Every Man To Do Their Duty …right !!

  But things could be worse, we could be following France…….

 Currently listening to 30 Seconds to Mars, This is War.