Me and D have been growing spuds now for 4 months or something, the flowers are just coming out so I thought we would have a look , see if anything has come up, ( or grown down as case may be ! )

 I met D from J’s car and told her we had an important job to do and it involved picking  ” I LOVE PICKING ” she shouted, so I said and what vegatable do you love most “POTATO’s” She shouted,

 So she ran inside calling to me to follow, ” Come on daddy get the key, open the back door ” ” lets pick the potato’s !! ”

  So we did, BUT……..

 They are between the size of Gnocchi, and a small pebble !! 

D wasn’t bothered she had found and picked a potato ! So it was worth it to see her face !!!

Kids and Gardening is great !!!

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