Where would we be without the World Cup !!!

 all over TV programs have finished for the moment,

RIP – Heroes,  Ashes to Ashes

American Idol, Samantha Who?, Glee ( for J not me !! )  Desperate Houswives nearly finished also,  so many gaps in the TV  schedule !!

  So why not fill them with the World Cup!!!   No other event like this means you can sit and watch (meaningless to us Brits ) Honduras Vs Chile, etc and yet probably enjoy it !! To a football fan , anything will sort out the fix !!

 Today the Carling cup first round draw is made, and tomorrow the League 1 + 2 fixtures are out , 7 weeks to go to the new season and counting !!!!   I can’t wait !!  I have the shakes when football has ended…..   So come on Honduras, Ghana , even Korea, I’m trying to see as much as possible to fill the void !!!!