So the weekend is over the expectations of a nation slipped through the gloves of a goalkeeper, rather like a ball slipping through the …  gloves of a golkeeper really !!!  DOH !!

Does Peter Shilton still have his gloves he maybe needed…  England just can’t get a decent keeper


Tried to take D to the local country park, on saturday, only to find that the flaming army cadets had overtaken it, and wanted to know why we were there ( IT’S A PUBLIC PARK !!!!) then they told us to park about a mile away and walk, D is 3 !!!   we left in disgust !

So we went to the garden centre, and bought some compost, so she could re-plant her sunflowers, which was fun, as she ended up with more soil on her, than in the pots !!, we then went out for a kick about on the field infront of us, she is getting to be fast runner .

 Sunday, I fixed the back gate, and tried to watch as much football as possible,

currently listening to Best of Foo Fighters, and AC/DC