I have had Slash’s new cd on back order for a couple of months before release, it is one of those things that you get into a band,  (G’nR) you end up buying most of their stuff, they split, you end up getting into the solo projects, ( Slash / Velvet Revolver / Izzy’s solo stuff ) you end up buying most of their stuff, you spend a fortune trying to hunt down rare deleted cd’s etc, etc


( Other record stores are available )

 Then suddenly Slash releases this album, of technically duets…. and it is excellant ! Classic Rock called it  Album of the year, before release , and so far it really could be !! Ozzy’s song is brilliant , as is Ian Astbury’s, and anything with Myles Kennedy is going to be good , right ??

 Well worth a listen if this is yer bag, or maybe if it isn’t your bag, but you fancy a new bag, try it.