David Cameron gave a stark warning that there are hard times ahead….

for all of us, they reckon £60 Billion needs to be saved…. Thats over 2 thousand per person in Britain.

Time to tighten the purse strings again then !

 After the expenses scandal, it all seems to have blown over, BUT WAIT a second, the scandal should be passed down to the next level, Local Councils.

ie, I live in a small Valleys town ( like many others) in Wales, living with Objective one funding, ‘cos it is a European deprived area. we have 3  tourism representatives…   3 for gods sake, our town doesn’t get any tourists that I know of !! If there are 3 in our town how many more of these people are employed in Gwent ??   I smell a saving !!!!!

 Also the town over the valley is hosting the Eisteddfod   http://www.eisteddfod.org.uk/english/ 

Ok it is good for our area, it may attract alot of people from around wales to the area, money will get spent, yet council men were seen yesterday putting flags and bunting around our town for this, the visistors will not STAY in our town, more waste. and after seeing Watchdog 2 weeks ago Carmathenshire council were blasted for announcing around 500 job cuts, yet spent 12K on chauffeurs last year !! just 1 example . 1 drop of water in a large ocean, if spending cuts need to be made thenlet the councils come under scrutiny for their spending !! Nick Clegg let slip he was in favour of Wales having devolved powers yesterday.. I bet he is. then Wales can raise money from council taxes to spend, rather than relying on money from westminster !!  Wales will have it’s budget cut this year by appox 196 million, or we can put that off for a yr, and accept a bigger cut next year !!!   WTF !!!?

  The likey reckoning is that VAT will rise to 20%, and National Insurance will rise too.

Canada had a national debate, an informed discussion about where the spending cuts needed to be made…..    People on the BBC news last night in Milton Keynes on the street, were asked their opinions about the spending, ” well I don’t know where to start ” ” as long as someone else has to pay more, then good ” WTF COME ON !!!!   I am proud of living in Britain, but sometimes we stick our heads in the sand and “Fudge” the issue. B.A staff are striking, and they reckon B.T will be next over pay, and perks, !!!  How can you strike in times like these, you are cutting off yer nose to spite your face !! Teachers will be next if there is a whiff of pay, or job cuts ! Get a grip!

Britain get a grip, this is a big problem with no easy solution, we need an informed debate, no more hiding the facts, let’s discuss the truth of the problem, and get a solution.