Not the Kids in Glass Houses song, which is by the way, amazing !!! go listen NOW, well AFTER reading this !

 What is it 11 days. 10 days to the world cup?? I can’t wait.

end of.

But I live in wales , which is not so enthralled about the world cup…or the English when it comes to sports

But they love the English !  ( mmmmmmmmm)

My parents were down, with tales of every car with st. georges flags on it, sounds like the blind allegance  has begun ! I just want to be apart of that. Just a little bit yeah ?!

 If you can’t dream what have you got eh? And you never know we may win it again..

” To The Arena to Dream, To The Stadium To Sing ” Tim Parks

” It’s My Life, It’s In My Blood ” ( sheffield wednesday official site)