June 2010

Still trying to make sense of the budget, and how hard it will affect us…

I really do not know, the VAT will hurt no doubt,  the lack of tax credits will hurt ( thanks for hiding the true limit in the small print !! Mr. Chancellor )

I am sick of the way the main Political parties ARE STILL sniping and blaming each other for the economic mess that Britain finds itself in today..

 PLEASE ACCEPT IT, MOVE ON , and do something practical about getting us out of the mess, rather than blame each other and stick yer heads in the sand !!  ( and that includes the media, to stop scaremongering, saying that a million public sector jobs will go, including 35,000 police !!! ) if this was the case the unions would be out on strike by now, and we’d be at the voting polls again next week, The Summer of Discontent.  I do not doubt that some jobs will be lost. but I can’t see it on the the scale the media are taliking about .

 I hope not.


 I think the flu, is really man flu.


Listening to 30 seconds to mars, one of the best bands around at the moment…  – This Is War.


Struck down with a summer flu, cold bug yesterday, so feeling pretty low,  I blame the run on wednesday night ……..

Thinking of ways to listen / watch   the England vs Germany game in a Christening on Sunday…

1) Sneak out of said christening, to a pub…  Mmmmm

2)Tell Sister , she should hire a telly ….   MMmmmmm

3) Take earpierce for phone radio into said Christening….MMMMmmm

4) Have friend txt updates… MMmmm

5) Politely decline offer of christening invite, and watch the game !!  Ha , yeah if I want to stay alive, I think not !!!

   D told me last nite,” Don’t worry daddy , if you take your medicine you will be ok….!   I’m not ill, NNNNooooooo  !!   ”

 No D you are not ill, but the cold you HAD I fear has been passed around.


  Listening to 5FDP  – The Way of the fist.

  I went for a run yesterday, after all the tension in the football

 Now I wish I had not.

 I have images of the coach in Grease describing running

” What kind of running !? ”

 ” Long Distance running……   Cross country running… ! ”

 I didn’t do that much though it felt like it…

Who ever said running is good for you, lied !

So those pesky Americans score in injury time eh ??

Well you get Ghana for your troubles, who will not be easy opponents.

leaving us with Germany, although they are good, they are not unbeatable though.

 I have a christening though Sunday afternoon ! can you believe it ???

It is no good bleeting on about who you are going to play next….   if you are going to win it, then you will have to play some big teams, else there’s no point being there.

 Bring on the Germans. !!

before the parade


 We thought the Civil war appreciation society had turned up on the wrong day !

" Wave your flag "


Loxley Band


waiting at the other end


Scarecrow competition


Chingford Team


Sheffield Giants


  This took place before the Gala really, and the changing of the May Queen, buit I found it the most interesting part….   I thought I had a photo of the “Orc” dancing team, but it couldn’t have taken unfortunatley !!!

  Anyone think the Male giant looks like somet from a star trek film ?? !!

currently listening to 30 seconds to Mars, – This Is War.

We ate me sisters radishes in a salad last night, very good they were too ! reckon we could be growing some of our own soon, I have a plan, maybe not a cunning plan, but a little one, formulating ! we shall see.

My Niece’s christening on sunday! England’s second round game is………   yep, Sunday !

The Budget is today, Baton down the hatches… I reckon we ‘re in for a bumpy ride. National Insurance, VAT, Fuel Duty looks set to rise! We are struggling as it is, turning the screw aint going to help. The government seem to looking in the wrong areas for the cuts, cutting hospital buidling programs, and training, these are things that need ring fencing, , surely the idea is to grow the economy, by making more people unemployed, creates more benefits, and less money goes into the system, getting people INTO work surely is the key ???   I’m not advocating a Mussolini public works plan, but we need more jobs. mind you the only thing britain is known for now is service industry,

  Oh yeah, and this morning I put the bins out, only to put splattered with bin juice, Fantastic…

 Currently listening to one of the best albums of the decade.

 Arctic Monkeys – Humbug

The world cup has raised issues with Britain,

 I miss the English spirit ‘cos I live in Wales, I was proud to be English last weekend when I went home , theres such a camaradery at the moment, But in wales all I get is grief ! OK I expect it to an extent, that is the way sport goes, it is tribal, birds of a feather etc etc etc…  

but the true fact is that if England weren’t in the world cup, the English would follow Scotland, Wales, or Ireland.  I do find it strange that that same feeling doesn’t rub the other way ? Especially as week in , week out, most of these people follow man utd, liverpool, chelsea, etc etc etc..


Waxing lyrical with – The Streets.

( Come on Mike Skinner , time for another album !! )

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