Another season over….

 Well you may ask why do I watch this and not the British version,   X Factor.

 Well , simple, the American show is more entertaining, ! and the judges tell it like it is !!!

Like or dis-like Mr. Cowell, at least  he is honest. even in the semi final, and finale the judges were still dissing Lee Dwyze ! Man the boy is in the final, he must be able to sing ( ? ! )

 Well the finale was a shock …   after the semi, if you were a betting person, you would have put all yer cash on Crystal, !

 That had to be a BIG shock……   BUT Beautiful Day was briliant by him!

    I wish Britain, would try and emulate America, and create a bigger “show”, and have judges who are more truthful, who do not pander to the contestants….  Just to have contestants who can play instruments would be a start, !