We are trying to organise our daughters birthday party………  who is 3,

you would have thought this would be easy.


In fairness, me wife has sorted most of the organising , but it has been a nightmare, trying to get responses, , the food, games etc etc, theres only 15 coming !!  god help us when she starts pre-school in september, there could be loads next year !!!

 BUT D has now caught a cold.

You would not believe it. Or maybe you would, she was awake at 5.30 this morning, !

I’m just praying the cold goes in time.


Car insurance firm, said they would send my documents on courier mail ??   which required no signature….    guess what IT NEEDS A SIGNATURE!!!!   AAAARRRGGHH< I have someone to collect them today, then I may have to drive to the garage after work to make sure the new car can be taxed tomorrow, in time for Friday…

  These things are sent to test us…

  Listening to Kids in glass houses. – Dirt

 and Incubus ..

 ( not at same time ! )