May 2010


 Another season over….

 Well you may ask why do I watch this and not the British version,   X Factor.

 Well , simple, the American show is more entertaining, ! and the judges tell it like it is !!!

Like or dis-like Mr. Cowell, at least  he is honest. even in the semi final, and finale the judges were still dissing Lee Dwyze ! Man the boy is in the final, he must be able to sing ( ? ! )

 Well the finale was a shock …   after the semi, if you were a betting person, you would have put all yer cash on Crystal, !

 That had to be a BIG shock……   BUT Beautiful Day was briliant by him!

    I wish Britain, would try and emulate America, and create a bigger “show”, and have judges who are more truthful, who do not pander to the contestants….  Just to have contestants who can play instruments would be a start, !


My 3 yr old is finding her feet, and likes to run around in shops etc,

 So J sat her down and gave her the “danger , Stranger ” talk,

 which went, quite well,

lots of frowning, which means she is thinking hard.

but now we must re-inforce the message  with her, so she doesn’t forget.

 she is a good girl,

But she needs to learn this.

As a parent this lesson needs to be taught.


This is a strange story, BUT TRUE.

Yesterday I was walking out of Tesco’s to my (NEW) to me car.

When I saw something hanging underneath the car, panicking I bend down to find the undertray hanging off slightly,

so I put the shopping in the car, then lay on my back next to the car, and tried to see the undertray, ( which had mysteriously cracked !! )

As I was doing this , a car pulled in front of where I was parked, and a man jumped out and shouted

“are you ok, mate ? ”

I managed to turn my head to see and said “yeah just cracked the undertray”

The man clutched his chest, and said, “Thank god for that ! I thought you had collapsed !! ”

 well the man was the singer from the popular 80’s combo The Flying Pickets, see link one on the left .

strange tales indeed….

Currently listening to Kids in Glass houses

Nothing to do with Franny Jeffers !!!

Got the new ( to me ) car on Friday…VW Fox

 Driving it is ….  erm, interetsing.

 It opporates on really low revs compared to the Fiesta, so pulling away at junctions is … err   slow !, just can’t get used to it, but hey it had to be done.

 My fiesta was already pre-sold on the VW website….

125k on the clock, needs a bit of TLC ( not a note of waterfalls to be heard…  thankyou !! )  but it will serve who-ever the lucky owner will be !!


D’s birthday party on saturday….  oh boy…. 15 kids and parents…..

 J says I can organise next years…

 Do not get me wrong the afternoon went really well, but we are all shattered,

 Especially when you cook a shed full of food, and there is so much left over !!


  Go to a party , they are always there. and no body EVER eats them….!



Sunday I bought a coat…..   yep, the hottest day of the year, and I buy a coat, Well GAP had a 30% sale, so….   and I needed it so…..

 D now has this thing , where if other people are talking, and she wants to be the centre of attention, she says  ” ‘Cuse me, I don’t like talking ”  OH WELL THEN !!!

   Oh Boy..

listening to the new Framing Hanley CD,

and a little Chili peppers.

In Wales, birthdays etc are celebrated with roundabouts, or road bridges etc having sheets tied to them, with messages..

 So this morning the first bridge on the A470 down to Pontypridd, had a banner which simply said.

 ” I miss you

   I need You ”

  Ok odd meesage, but maybe a unique way of getting attention….

 The next bridge, sign,  though nearly made me piss myself..

 It said  ” Please, lets bridge the gap between us ”

Ha, ha, ha

  Currently listening to, The Best of the Smiths,

 and Best of REM.

We are trying to organise our daughters birthday party………  who is 3,

you would have thought this would be easy.


In fairness, me wife has sorted most of the organising , but it has been a nightmare, trying to get responses, , the food, games etc etc, theres only 15 coming !!  god help us when she starts pre-school in september, there could be loads next year !!!

 BUT D has now caught a cold.

You would not believe it. Or maybe you would, she was awake at 5.30 this morning, !

I’m just praying the cold goes in time.


Car insurance firm, said they would send my documents on courier mail ??   which required no signature….    guess what IT NEEDS A SIGNATURE!!!!   AAAARRRGGHH< I have someone to collect them today, then I may have to drive to the garage after work to make sure the new car can be taxed tomorrow, in time for Friday…

  These things are sent to test us…

  Listening to Kids in glass houses. – Dirt

 and Incubus ..

 ( not at same time ! )

Things are going bad at Sheffield Wednesday…

really bad,

After the relegation, which still smarts.

Now the Chairman resigns , as he says he had no choice.

What is it with SWFC fans not liking people in authority.

Lee strafford was not liked by all people, but they forget,

1) He did the job for no wage, when no-one else wanted to take the poisoned chalice,

2) The club is more family orientated now, with better links to the community and fan groups.

3) Lee tried his best to get investment into the club, which it is screaming for ! but lets face it the offer from Club 9 “seems” derisory , 2million quid for a 40% stake in the club !!!  What !!  and charge £400k a year in admin fees !!!

4) Lee got SWFC as a potential host venue for world cup matches, which would mean significant re development of the ground.

   I believe Lee did the best job possible with the resources at hand,

 All the best for the future Lee !

 Onwards and Upwards , what more twists, and surprises lay in store for SWFC fans now ???

The future is bright, the future is blue and white!

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