So Sunday is a sell out 36,000+

Swfc wanted to open the “triangle” “crows nest” etc etc  open, but the police said no.

 ( secretly it is a shame, as it hold one of the best views of the ground!!!) I remember standing there in the 80’s and seeing a Man Utd fan shin up a flag pole to change a flag to one with Man Utd written on it !!!  hehehe . We need the atmosphere of those days on Sunday, again I remember seeing us play Man Utd ( different game !) ,standing on the kop amongst a crowd of 48,000 , after me dad talked the guy on the turn stile into letting me in !! swaying like a good’un. God help us when we scored !!!

  Don’t get on the players backs on sunday, give 110 % support and we will stay up !

The Future is Bright…..   The Future is Blue & White !

listening to Kids in glass houses…..   whilst waiting for me Drive By Truckers cd to arrive !