My parents came down at the weekend, which was good as it’s been a few months now.

 Plus me mum, had an alterior motive….

 Wonder wool.

 Not a rip off Oasis band, but one of the biggest days in the knitting, craft calendar .

So off to Builth Wells for the day.

 Bulth, is extremely picturesque, but like a land that time forgot…. in a good way.

 ( sshh   and quite English )

 A really nice friendly place, where people actually speak to you in the street..

but not alot there bar the show ground and great park and river walk. as me and pops found as we avoided Wonderwool !!!

My car finally got the handbrake repaired on saturday, ( after 2 1/2 hr commute home on Friday , with a 40minute crawl, for 400yds up a steep incline !! ) many prayers were offered upto the handrake !

 Sunday was interesting, as I learnt to cook chicken, I know 30 something, but remember I haven’t eaten it since age of 3 ish, but I thought as J and D will eat it ( hopefully ) then it was time to learn.

 As for TV what are we going to do, Ashes to Ashes only has 4 episodes left, and Heroes finishes next week….    though J is in her element still with Glee, ( though I fear after last night Madonna maybe making a comeback…..    if she ever went away !

listening to Bullet for my Vallentine, and Faith No More