I am gutted,

 I heard on Friday that Powderfinger are to dis-band later this year.

I do not think that a band has ever had such a profound inpact on me. In 6 years I come to love their work, from start to finish. Hearing  Vulture street Live, being advertised on the TV in the hotel room in Sydney, was an amazing eye-opener. The songs on that album, now are linked to  some of the best memories of my Honeymoon. I swear I played that album for 6 months on loop in the car when we returned from OZ.

 As a band I have found them probably one of the most consistant, musically, catchy lyrics, and  guitar riffs that just get stuck in yer head. proper , honest, 3 minute ish rock music ! In a world of manufactured pop-pap, Powderfinger always were an under-rated, breathe of fresh air

 So good-bye to the Finger, thanks for the tunes, thanks for the memories !

You will be missed, how much though, you will never know !