So May 6th is election day,( the worst kept secret in british politics )

So who gets your vote, ?? and why ?

The usual apathy surrounds this election, the old “all parties are the same” tagline…in a way the parties are the same, because they are fighting for the middle ground, the problem is where does the middle ground lie, ?

 This old chestnut, class voting….

 The old Two Ronnies class sketch …. comes to mind, tradition is still seen as important ” I have always voted Labour, as did me father, and his before… ” etc,

 Simon Schama on Question Time hit the nail on the head, with a sledgehammer…. by saying that a good politician forgets his background, and empathises with the majority.

  But this is not a real reason for voting, in this time of economic instability, we have to evaluate which party is going to help us A) individually, and B) Nationally.  and this again is a tough decision, as we all know public spending cuts are coming, but none of the main parties will say where they will fall , or how much !

 We have a unique opportunity in this election. To Vote. a freedom that millions would kill to have.

 Don’t mis-use it.