I have only one vice.


My music collection was getting out of hand.. and due to lack of money, I thought it was time for some DIY. Not the kind of “dad you have made a spice rack ” DIY, but something a bit better. ( and if it was an occasion to use the shed , so be it )

I love my shed, but it has got cluttered over the winter, I think everyman should have a shed, there is someting  comforting about being able to own a shed !!  mine even has carpet !

 Well it took me an hour to clear up the shed, and get the weights out ( second reason for going in the shed ) not quite a home gym, but we are getting there!.

So after tidying my wood pile and realising that I idn’t have that much left, I managed to make something simple, yet stylish, I may grace you with photos, I may not,

 but after last weeks stress, it was comforting to make something, and make it reasonably well. Theraputic almost !