More redundancies at work,

“may” have avoided them,

Our 6 will soon be 5, i’ve been here 13 yrs, and strangely there were 13 people then, in two weeks time there will be 5 !!

Doesn’t inspire confidence now does it !!  the problem is the only safe job these days is an undertaker ! times are changing, and I need to put myself first for a change !

  We have a general election soon, and the choices for my vote are slim,

Labour :- ran out of ideas

Consevatatives :- ” vote for change ” but won’t say what the change is ….   bar public spending cuts, and they won’t commit to where and when !!!

Liberals ….   Who ? oh the people with the yellow rossettes ?? 

So it will be a two horse race, to capture the middle ground. the problem is the people in the middle ground are sick of broken promises, high taxes, low faith in the justice system, and mp’s expenses scams. People died to give me this vote, and it is something I do hold in high esteem, everyone should be made to vote, even if they spoil the paper, but you should vote!

The question is for who though ???