March 2010

 D jumped onto the bed last nite and rolled over army stylee.

I have  never seen her do that before, ever

she is starting to get a bit more adventurous, which is more than can be said for me…

Children have this way of throwing themselves into things head first, and not worrying about the consequences. I think sometimes, – That is the problem, and probably the chestnut of this blog !!- I think too much,

Sometimes you can think about something so much you think yourself out of it, with age comes experience, which teaches life’s lessons, and also – hopefully – common sense – but I think a bit more recklessness sometimes could be a good thing.

 D questions everything, her quest for knowledge knows no bounds, and part of my job role as a parent is to answer her questions, but I find in my life I probably do not ask enough, I hide my head below the parapet incase of being shot down.

Now would  seem to be the time to  ask questions….. of my self also, but there are as adults always constraints, financial, or of time, or am using these as excuses, maybe.

Maybe I need to think a little more like D.

I have only one vice.


My music collection was getting out of hand.. and due to lack of money, I thought it was time for some DIY. Not the kind of “dad you have made a spice rack ” DIY, but something a bit better. ( and if it was an occasion to use the shed , so be it )

I love my shed, but it has got cluttered over the winter, I think everyman should have a shed, there is someting  comforting about being able to own a shed !!  mine even has carpet !

 Well it took me an hour to clear up the shed, and get the weights out ( second reason for going in the shed ) not quite a home gym, but we are getting there!.

So after tidying my wood pile and realising that I idn’t have that much left, I managed to make something simple, yet stylish, I may grace you with photos, I may not,

 but after last weeks stress, it was comforting to make something, and make it reasonably well. Theraputic almost !

A mixed week really.


Redundancies at work                       

D’s New friend starts school in 2 weeks !!                                                                                              

increased workload + targets                               


Didn’t get redundancy

CV finished and ready to send

D, has started making friends

Owls inch closer to safety

Discovered Black Stone Cherry !

The look on D’s face when we gave her a new chair !

Weekend tomorrow thank goodness, it is not good to wish your life away, but I do look forward to the weekends !!

Sheffield Wednesday 2… Watford 1

What can I say, apart from exhale of a little relief.


3 Massive points,  but we need a win on the weekend, a winning streak is needed!!

Now is the time to back your team,

How do you teach your child “to make friends”

When you are a child, the first instincts are purely about self,

As you get older you need to interact to get what you need, and making friends can be tough!

D finally has made a friend, but I hope it lasts , D is SO excited about her new friend, I just hope her friend is feeling the same way about D!! It is the first time D has played with someone in pre-school , and she is SO excited about the fact that she can do it.

 Long may it last

They will finally be made this week, (taken 3 weeks ish to clear up !! )

I should be ok……

 Escape plan still being formulated though, as the outgoing persons work will only get re-distributed, and “pay review ” won’t be for over a year !

With music it is strange,

You can go for ages thinking a band are just ok,

then suddenly you and “it” just click.

I have liked Faith No More, for years, but they were “ok”

I dug a copy of the greatest hits out yesterday, as it has been a long time, ( and the fact I saw the video for Ashes to Ashes on Scuzz, )

And suddenly I got It!, I have played the album before, but not “got” them, something strange must have occured .I needed to forget work last nite, so threw the cd on, and it made sense.

” We care a lot ! “

Petrol prices are rising fast, ( as I keep documenting )

Another 2p on fuel duty in April,

and it is rumoured that the Chancellor is going to add 3p MORE at the Budget next week

Congratualtions Labour !!!   You have officially lost my vote !!

I travel a 72 mile round trip daily to work, With a bus service that would take me 3 hrs+ per day, and I live in an area in the European top 5 for lack of investment, poverty, and unemployment. I NEED A CAR  ( 9 yr old Fiesta mind )  ( if you ( government) had extended the scrappage scheme by a yr, I MAY have been tempted )!!!  

So When the price of petrol at the pump has risen by 15p PER LITRE in the last year alone, you are crucifying me !!!

I’m an average joe, with an average life, and the kind of voter that surely you are looking to attract, So help me and thousands of others out, instead of lining the Treasury, and paying off the national debts ( which I do not think that I personally am responsible for, yet surely own a share in several banking establishments in this country —–   which are still paying bonuses to staff !! )

Come on stop the increase in Fuel duty, !


  Man a point against Swansea on saturday , if they had offered you that before the game you would have snapped there arm off !!

 Preston tonight,

Got to get 3 points. No question. if survival this season is going to happen, then it has to be 3 points.

After this the season run in , gets incredibly hard, all hard games againt teams well above us !

The future is bright…..  the future is blue and White !!

D was in a mood last nite, TOO tired and didn’t want a bath…

J was tidying up, and D couldn’t wait, so I tried to get the bath ready, and see to her clothes, But she wanted Mum to do it, and shouted ” I don’t love you as much as mu……….” ( the mum bit trailing off under her breathe) she knew what she had said,

I knew what she had said,

It hurt,

I knew she didn’t mean it, and so did she, cos J called me back up stairs after a few minutes, and D was really upset,

The joys of parenting.

Currently listening to Gavin Degraw – Chariots

             and Odyssey no.5 – Powderfinger

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