B**ST**D !!!

 Yes you, who thought it was ok to drive past my car, and smash my passenger mirror

B*ST**D !!

Could have stopped ! nah too much trouble for you eh !!

  Don’t get me wrong I do not drive a Porsche or anything fancy ( 2001 Ford Fiesta ) But hey It’s MY 2001 Ford Fiesta, and something that I own out right, and I’m proud of it DAMN IT !!!! the body work is really good. for a 9 yr Fiesta !! no rust or nothing !!  ( well apart from a little on the inner door, which needs sorting, but to look at you’ll never know….  right ?????   unless you read this… )   HEY stop trying to divert my anger !!  

 I just don’t get where some people get off doing that and driving off !

It’s wrong man, and I’m angry about it !

( Thank god for scotch tape )