No that’s not my mental age, …. or the only time I get out! 

All children grow and mature at different rates.

As a parent we would LIKE our child  ( not in a pushy parent way ) to be ahead in all aspects of development. The trick is do you let this development worry you ??

 D is day time potty trained, and her speech is fantastic, but it is the socialising that she lacks.

Whether it is because she is an only child …?   or maybe it is a confidence thing… ? I just wish she would play a little more and gain a few friends, it would make starting pre-school, easier if she got along with a few other children. She is in fairness fairly clingy. Great with people she knows, but wary of other children, and still sticks close to J.

 Maybe it is a phase, I hope so. she goes to several nursery schools, and interacts with different children.

 Just need to find ways of getting her to  have more confidence around other children.