It snowed again yesterday, not significantly BUT non the less, enough for the council to get their collective arse in gear and grit the road ?? !

Well no !

A representative of said council was on the welsh news last night saying that our local council had at best 2 days of grit left !!! 2 days worth !!!   it hasn’t properly snowed, or had bad ice for approx a month !!!!  , so what ….  you are saying that you thought the winter was over ????   maybe the summer heat has been felt, or the smell of a freshly cut lawn !!  NO i think not, as a council you have been saving money again,  ( I won’t mention the proposed refurb of the council offices then ?? ) what have you been doing ?? eating it ??   2 days left ??

  The local council man also said that major roads have been gritted to keep them open,

  Ok they are open, dual carriageways like the Heads of the valleys road, were “open” , in the form of 1 lane, and everyone was doing approx 50mph !! there was snow on the road !

  It really makes me wonder where our council tax money is spent !