Painting is getting done, slowly, I keep forgetting the paint I chose is pretty high on fumes, and that I NEED to open a window !!

 I had D on Saturday, J, was out shopping, which was good, We went to the cafe in the local supermarket, I wanted to get some food, but D is kinda nearly potty trained, but I got scared and imagined having to leave the half full trolley at the checkout, and run to the toilet with D…….     or worse…. 

 After that we went to the inlaws for dinner, and then home to bake Lemoncurd tarts. I managed to see some of the brilliant England victory over Wales in the rugby, ( in between flying on a magic carpet, to Roary ( the racing car ) Land.

No drugs were taken, my daughter has a good imagination !!

Sunday, painting, and then looking after D, cos she was ill , and up most the night !

 Painting was a blast, as I got to play some more AC/DC , Velvet Revolver, and G N’R

  Strange story in Classic Rock magazine this month saying The BackYard Babies, are playing 1 show in the UK then having a Hiatus……   when asked how long for , they could not say, – but not a year, and maybe only a month !!!!  what, the band have been together 20 years, and now they “may” take a month off !!!!!   ODD !

That and Aerosmith on the verge of destruction !